Whether it is worth causing jealousy in the man

Whether it is worth causing jealousy in the man

Most of women dreams of that men were jealous them, including such behavior the best proof of love. However excessive provoking of men's jealousy can lead to the return consequences. Constant quarrels not only become the cause of a divorce, but also put serious psychological injuries.


1. The main thing that each girl has to understand - the psychology of the man and woman differs cardinally. The man initially chooses to himself the companion whom he considers faithful and devoted. If the girl loses this status in his eyes, then will be to regain the trust not only it is difficult, but also in a row a case it is impossible.

2. Never tell the elect about courtesies which to you are rendered by other men. The excessive frankness can become the reason of constant suspicions. Each man notices views of potential rivals and is proud of inaccessibility of the second half. Flirtation from the woman will be regarded as an occasion to doubt her fidelity.

3. Never make scandals concerning jealousy. Try to explain with quiet tone to the man that you do not like his behavior or you feel discomfort, observing manners of his communication with other girls. Otherwise aggression can return to you, only scandals will be made not by you, and your elect.

4. If your man belongs to the category of ""chronic jealous men"" who see rivals not only in males, but also in your girlfriends, children or parents, then it is necessary to struggle with such behavior by a special method. The underestimated self-assessment, the shortage of attention or existence of certain complexes is the main reason for jealousy. Your task is to show to the man that he is the best in the world. Do not hesitate to praise him even on trifles, to give compliments, to speak about the love. Gradually the man will understand that you appreciate him and will cease to look for threat to family happiness in your environment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team