Why all men are children

Why all men are children

Often women ask a question why their darling behaves as the child. It would seem, the adult man, but does not cease to be cut with passion in computer games and to scatter socks on the apartment.


1. Often the reason of similar behavior is in women who allow men to do it. At many girls the maternal instinct which orders to care them for the husband, for the child, for a hamster, generally, for everything that touches the girl is strongly developed and is expensive to her. And then the man begins to be fed, to him wash clothes, clean the scattered things after him. And at the same time are indignant that the man behaves as the small child – can make nothing. Certainly, most of people will also not begin to perform work which someone can make for them another even if this someone is periodically dissatisfied.

2. Perhaps, your gentleman just does not understand your requirements. For example, you got used to place books in the flowers and categorically do not wish to see the book in a blue cover among green, and the young man takes from you to read literature and then puts books anyhow. Most likely, at him in family of the book stand alphabetically, on height or in a chaotic order and to it it is not clear at all that you so endure when the blue book costs near green. Also to it it is unclear why the sugar bowl has to be on the shelf, but not on a table why it is necessary to put spoons and forks separately if it is possible to mix them together and why you store the vacuum cleaner on mezzanines, it is much simpler to throw it in a corner. Put yourself to the place of the young man: really you never put drills anyhow, considering excessive to sort them by the size? It is necessary to treat men in such situation as well as with children – to periodically explain why it is so important for you that the sugar bowl stood still, the vacuum cleaner did not prevent to open a door, and beautifully placed books decorated the room.

3. Many girls seek to solve problems of the beloveds. Certainly, they do it for the best, but as a result at the man is fixed in consciousness that he is not fit for anything, problems for it are solved by the woman much more successfully, so and you should not undertake it. As a result for several years of marriage the wife receives infantile, behaving as the child and not capable to make the decision of the husband though she married, it seems, the adult independent man.

4. And the last. Whether you tried to play in placeteyshen and to watch animated films on the channel for children? Try to keep the husband the company and, perhaps in free time, in your family will become one child more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team