Why the girl is necessary?

Why the girl is necessary?

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Before seeking to get the relations, it is necessary to understand why the guy needs the girl. Many young people are concerned by the matter. For example, when in life there was a heavy break in relations. The young man had long time about it, and still does not see sense again to look for the girl. And someone had still no relations at all and the guy really does not know what to do with the representative of an opposite sex.

The main problem in creation of the relations is that men in this respect have no specific goal.

Why to the guy to meet the girl?

Everyone has to decide individually for itself(himself) on the answer to the matter.

All have different purposes of the beginning of the relations with women. Some look for the girl only for sex and satisfaction. To someone it is just boring and lonely. Also the relations simply that the girl was near begin. Usually both in the first, and in the second case they will not for long last as guys with such intentions often change the passions. And someone falls in love and wants to be near the beloved all life. When there is a love between the guy and the girl, positive emotional experiences appear. The guy feels significant and courageous. The loving girl will always show attention in relation to it and care.

However the main thing why the guy needs the girl, is a creation of family. Sooner or later, to this stage most of guys comes. There passes desire to lead a loose life, the passion dies away and the man wants quiet life.

If the object of creation of family was set then the main thing not to hurry and not to do mistakes then deeply not to be disappointed. According to experts, in the first five years after a marriage, many families break up or lose former feelings. It is better not to force events, and just to live this time together. At many couples the love dies away and there is a break in relations because of household problems.

Some consider that you should not tighten with marriage as the girl can leave to other, more resolute guy. If so to think, then in such relations there is no sense too. When the girl really loves, she will understand everything and will not get to anywhere. Just it is worth discussing and explaining openly it that it would be so better for both. If after this period of time of the relation remain and feelings will not go out, then it is necessary to start a family.

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