Advantage of honey for those who actively play sports

Advantage of honey for those who actively play sports

Two thousand years ago the Greek athletes literally ate too much honey before the forthcoming Olympic Games, knowing that it "pumped up" them energy and endurance! Honey contains glucose and fructose which develop huge stocks of the glycogen in the liver.

Honey - one of the most ancient products which we eat. It is useful to eat it also before sports activities, especially if it is about power trainings. If there is the honey prior to the training, the endurance of the organism amplifies and more energy appears. If to use medical together with proteinaceous products (for example, proteinosoderzhashchy cocktails) after the trainings, then the exhausted and tired muscles and the general power tone will be recovered much quicker.

How to use honey to athletes?

Everything is simple. It is necessary to make honey making drink which needs to be drunk in 2 hours prior to and in 2 hours after the training. Recipes of these drinks are very strongly similar to the special drinks for athletes produced in the industrial way. So, recipes: Honey with orange - 1 h the honey spoon; - 200 ml of fresh orange juice; - 50 ml of water. Mixing ingredients, at first completely dissolve honey in warm water, then cool mix and add orange juice. Nutritional value of the received amount of drink - 75 kcal, sugar - 19 g, carbohydrates - 21 g, potassium - 85 mg. Honey with the lemon - 1 h the honey spoon; - 30 ml of fresh lemon juice; - 50 ml of water. Of course, honey can be used also in other ways. It is very useful to add it as the making breakfast element. It can be added to porridge or cottage cheese, to smear on cheese or small loaf. And still the most tasty green tea with honey - just the well of antioxidants! Between meals it is possible to have a bite fruit with honey. 1 teaspoon of honey contains 64 kcal, 17 g of carbohydrates and the whole set of vitamins and minerals. It should be notedIt should be noted that honey is also useful also to the figure. Try to replace sugar with honey, and you will manage to reduce the number of useless calories.

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