Amino acids in sports food: advantage and side effects

Amino acids in sports food: advantage and side effects

Amino acids are extremely necessary for activity of the person. They are construction blocks from which there are proteinaceous structures and muscle fibers. The human body uses amino acids for strengthening, restoration, growth and also production of various enzymes and hormones.

What is amino acids?

Amino acids are the elements which are contained in grocery proteins. They come to the human body through usual food (meat, cottage cheese, eggs, etc.). When the protein comes to the digestive tract, under the influence of various enzymes it begins to collapse and turn into amino acids. These useful substances get into blood and feed muscles, fabrics and all bodies in general.

Amino acids in sports food are the natural additives admissible to reception without any restrictions. Irreplaceable amino acids aren't produced in the organism therefore it is extremely important to receive them from food or in the form of sports additive.

Useful properties of amino acids

The amino acids sold in shops of sports food in the form of additive are acquired much quicker, than those that contain in food. It is extremely important for athletes as they need to be restored, increase quickly muscle bulk and to constantly feed muscles with useful substances. All these processes provide amino acids. It is much more convenient to receive the portion of ready amino acids before the training, than to eat the large number of meat, cottage cheese, etc. The great popularity was received by the irreplaceable amino acids with branched side chains sold in shops of sports food under name BCAA.BCAA are 3 main amino acids (valine, the isoleucine and the leucine). They are very useful not only to athletes who want to avoid catabolic processes and to keep the muscles even during low-calorie diets. VSAA will help to recover from injuries, flu and inflammatory diseases.

Side effects of amino acids

To use amino acids in the form of sports additive is the same as to drink milk, is meat, egg white, etc., it is only much more useful. Therefore, side effects of amino acids is fiction, they don't exist in the nature. Amino-acid complexes for beginners and professional athletes receive from the serumal protein, i.e. from the natural protein extracted from cow's milk. But it is worth knowing that such amino acid as glycine has the calming effect on the person, it reduces sensation of fear, alarms and reduces psychoemotional pressure. If the athlete not against such influence, then nothing to be afraid to it. Amino-acid complexes bring to the human body only benefit, but they not to everyone on the pocket as their cost is quite high.

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