As correctly and quickly to run

As correctly and quickly to run

Not only athletes, but also many people leading a healthy lifestyle are engaged in run. This type of loading is one of the most popular as does not demand special material and time expenditure. Let's consider how it is correct to learn to run and not to do quickly at the same time harm to the health.

Run: advantage and harm for an organism

Occupations run makes a number of positive impacts on a human body:

  • trains endurance;
  • strengthens blood circulation and improves a metabolism;
  • positively influences a cardiovascular system;
  • increases the volume of lungs;
  • promotes saturation of all bodies oxygen;
  • strengthens legs, tones up and tightens muscles;
  • burns calories;
  • well influences nervous system.

Important! It is necessary to be engaged in run on a hungry stomach as at the filled stomach pressure upon a pancreas is formed, and there is a stitch. At the same time the feeling of hunger should not be strong.

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We advise to esteem about in what advantage of run how to begin to run already today and also how not to miss during run.

As at run there is intensive load of an organism, in certain cases it can do harm:

  • load of the musculoskeletal device. At correctly carried out technology of run this loading is minimized. But to the people having diseases of the musculoskeletal device, such loadings are usually forbidden. It is not necessary to start this sport to corpulent people with a thin bone — at first it is necessary to get rid of excess weight;
  • load of heart. Such sport is contraindicated to cores and the people who had a heart attack or a stroke;
  • excessive loading. Run is undesirable at infectious diseases, after operations, during exacerbation of chronic diseases and in many other clinical cases. Therefore before being engaged in run sick it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Elderly people also should not forget that loadings depend on age and the state of health;
  • traumatism. Nearly a half of fans to run about sooner or later are injured. Usually runners get injured on a knee, foot, an ankle. The waist, coxofemoral joints, hips and calves, top of a back and a neck can also suffer.

Technology of performance

The correct run minimizes the probability of getting injured and more evenly distributes loading, helps to achieve the best sports results. Technology of run on long and short distances, jogging have some differences from each other.

When jogging it is necessary to adhere to such equipment:

  • feet have to be put in parallel each other so that their internal parts were located on one straight line. Let's allow only a small turn of socks outside;
  • foot can adjoin to the earth in three main ways — on a heel, on a sock or on all foot. When jogging usually landing of a leg happens on a heel to a fast soft rift on a sock in which all foot participates. The runner with a long-term experience Roman Stankievich recommends to change a way of setting of legs depending on health as at the same time there is a change of load of foot and with joints;
  • to pick up the optimum length of a step. Too long step overloads joints, too small will not give due improving effect. Selection of a step depends on many specific features. For example, with a growth in 170 cm it is enough to man to put legs at distance of 85-110 cm from each other;
  • the correct setting of hands is important. They should be bent at right angle and to squeeze brushes a little. The movements of hands have to be directed at an angle 45 degrees to the line of run, and their amplitude depends on run speed;
  • to observe correctness of a bearing. Will not stoop, to hold a back and the head directly, to pull in a stomach;
  • to breathe correctly and rhythmically. It is recommended to take a breath a nose, and exhaled through a mouth. In cold season not to chill a throat it is possible to use such cunning — on an exhalation concern sky language.

Important! When jogging it is important to pick up the rate of run. For this purpose there is a simple test: if the runner can tell the full offer, then it has a satisfactory speed of run. Abrupt short words — it is necessary to reduce speed. If during run you easily already speak the whole paragraphs, then can safely increase speed.

Video: the occupation technique differs in jogging of the Technician of sprinting a little:

  • for fast sprint it is necessary to begin run with low start. Very important at the same time it is rather strong and under the correct corner to make a start to give to a body bigger acceleration and it is correct to leave from start, competently working hands and legs;
  • at starting acceleration the first steps which are carried out on completely straightened legs which are making a start from a surface are important. It is not necessary to lift at the same time feet excessively up. It is necessary to increase the frequency and width of a step gradually;
  • after starting acceleration when length of a step is stabilized, it is necessary to support as much as possible received speed and not to reduce speed on the line of the finish;
  • at a sprint running of foot are put on a surface by the front part, and emphasis is placed on it. The size of a step of the successful sprinter on 30-40 cm more than length of his body. But such indicator is increased during the trainings gradually.

Whether you know? The very first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece included only run. According to legends, they were based by the most famous hero of Ancient Greek myths, Hercules, in 1210 B.C. Men could only be their participants.

Get acquainted with the equipment and advantage of jogging, shuttle run and also run on long and short distances.

Features of run on long distances:

  • to support the high rate of run by means of statement of foot its lobby and an external part. Then there is a smooth rift on all foot and pushing away by completely straightened leg;
  • active high work of hands. At the same time, when the elbow moves back, it has to be directed a little to the outer side and when forward — the brush directs on the average line of a body. The body is straightened if there is a bias, then very insignificant;
  • the correct rhythmical breath which is coordinated with step frequency is very important. Sports breath frequent to supply the athlete's organism with oxygen to the finish. The combined technology of breath — lungs and an abdominal press is used, and the second look prevails;
  • it is necessary to develop endurance and to gradually increase distances.

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To begin to train follows in time, comfortable for you. It is important to pick up comfortable clothes and footwear. Loadings should be taken feasible and to gradually raise them (to increase distances and the speed of run). Trainings have to be constants (2-3 times every week).

Best of all jog from warm-up. Usually it consists of easy jogging by a trot and performance of the set of exercises following it which can improve results of a running considerably. They help to correct errors in technology of run and train groups of muscles, necessary for the correct run, help an organism to be prepared for loadings.

The majority of these exercises are familiar to us from a school bench, and do not demand a lot of time (10-15 min.) and special skills. In the course of their performance it is important to hold a straight line back, and a stomach involved. Each exercise has to be carried out in 2-3 approaches. If it is impossible at the beginning, then to such loading it is necessary to come gradually.

Run with highly raised knees

This exercise is directed to front femoral muscles, feet. It helps to throw out knees during run on sufficient height and strengthens feet. At run it is necessary to raise highly knees, jumping up a little. Emphasis of feet is placed on a front part. It is not necessary to touch by surface heels.

Do not forget to work hands as at a running and do not stoop. The hip has to be thrown out on a straight line with a basin or is slightly higher. Each leg rises on 10 times for approach.

Run with zakhlyosty shins

This exercise strengthens knees and the back surface of hips, learns to put foot correctly. During run, having bent knees, shins are alternately taken away back, and the runner tries to reach a heel a buttock.

Also work hands, softly spring, landing on foot, and jump up. Each leg is thrown on 10 times back at each approach.

Rifts from a heel on a sock

Directed to strengthening of tibial muscles and ankle joints. Helps the runner to feel all muscles of foot which he makes a start at run.

We do a rift from a heel on a sock with a push and a step other leg forward. Then we put a take-off foot completely on a surface and we do a rift already by other leg. To execute 10 rifts for 1 approach.

Jumps from a leg on a leg on the place

Strengthens muscles of a back surface of hips and calves, trains endurance. Pushing away of legs happens when the take-off foot is straightened, and swing is bent in a knee and taken out forward.

Landing becomes on all foot. It is impossible to land on a heel. Work as hands as at run. The small body tilt is possible forward. It is possible to replace with jumps on a jump rope. Each approach is carried out 15-20 seconds.

Run by jumps (mnogoskoka)

Promotes strengthening of muscles of legs and increase in speed of the runner. Move with each step forward, jumping up every time. Move hands, as at run. Exercise is carried out 15-20 seconds

Run on direct legs

Strengthens muscles of legs, strengthens a leg push. Run is carried out at the straightened knees and legs at a step are at an angle 45 degrees. Every time of stop of a supporting leg actively falls by a surface and the feeling of movement is created by jumps. Hands move as at run. One approach is carried out 20 seconds.

Run by a back forward

Strengthens muscles of a back, a press, buttocks, the back surface of hips. It is directed to coordination improvement, contributes to the development of peripheral sight.

Whether you know? Experts consider that the human health depends almost for 50% of a way of life, 20% of the external environment and ecology, 20% of heredity, 10% of health care level.

To run back, bending a leg in a knee and taking a step back. Foot meets a surface the front part, then the rift becomes. Without having made completely a rift, make a step backwards the second leg. Exercise takes 20 seconds for one approach.

Run by a skrestny step

Does more mobile a coxofemoral joint, strengthens muscles of foot and hips. We take a step towards one-legged, and the second we carry out a step for the first leg. Again we take a step the first leg aside, and then again a step the second leg which is already put ahead of the first leg.

Exercise is carried out at first from the right leg to the right side of 15 seconds and then from the left leg to the left side for each approach.

Video: technology of run by a skrestny step

Walking on tiptoe with a raising of a direct leg

Exercise studies gastrocnemius muscles, trains the lower press and lumbar muscles. We throw out a direct leg forward, touching her sock by an opposite hand. Foot is tense on itself. We lower a leg, taking a step, and we repeat the movement with other leg. To make 10 times each leg.


Strengthens muscles of foot, the back surface of hips and a muscle which bend hips trains endurance. Practically the same movements become, as at run with the lifted knees, but after carrying out of a hip to basin level, the shin is thrown out forward and becomes on a surface.

The supporting leg right after a push is a little brought back, and then begins to be thrown out a hip forward and the movement repeats, but already from it. The running is in such a way carried out 15-20 seconds for one approach.

Healthy lifestyle

The healthy lifestyle (for short ZOZh) is directed to prevention and strengthening of health by means of healthy nutrition, sports activities, spiritual balance and refusal of addictions.

ZOZh contains the following elements:

  • inoculation since the childhood of healthy habits;
  • the external environment of dwelling — ecology, safety and other;
  • total rejection of the habits damaging health — alcohol, drugs, tobacco smoking and other;
  • balanced diet — the balanced and quality food;
  • physical activity — sports activities (run, gymnastics, yoga, etc.) taking into account age and physiology;
  • individual hygiene;
  • hardening of an organism;
  • emotional state;
  • intellectual self-sufficiency — ability to learn and use information for optimization of actions under different circumstances;
  • spiritual state — ability to define the purposes for life, an optimistic spirit.

Video: rules of a healthy lifestyle of Sports or physical education guarantee of good health. Occupations run positively influence exchange processes in an organism and nervous system.

For achievement and improvement of sports results the athletes who achieved success recommend to adhere to the following councils:

  • absolute obstacles. Always there are justifications to addictions. Interest in smoking, alcohol and to others hazardous substances for an organism and also a behavior manner, harmful psychological attachment — all this leads to mental or chemical violation of balance in an organism. The psychology will help to refuse addictions and products. It is necessary to understand the reasons of such addictions well;
  • support of close people. It is very important that close people shared and supported your views and aspirations to achieve results in sport and also understood that time and forces for this purpose is required;
  • you pass to vegetable food. Many famous athletes give preference to vegetarian food. It promotes increase in level of energy, concentrates attentiveness, improves mood, promotes a good dream and also normalizes pressure and reduces cholesterol level.

Carry to products which reduce cholesterol level in blood: avocado, peanut, oat flakes, a cranberry, a mountain ash black-fruited, tofu cheese, strawberry, pomegranate, sunflower sunflower seeds, black radish, a gooseberry, a white cabbage, parsley greens, juice from pumpkin, oranges, dried apples and seeds of a flax.

The vegetable menu also promotes weight reduction, and to athletes helps to be restored quickly after classes by run and to reach the best indicators. Food of plant origin is a great way to strengthen the organism;

  • try to avoid purchases of harmful products. For this purpose avoid the central shelves in supermarkets. So sometimes there is a wish to buy appetizingly looking, but not healthy food therefore try to approach in big supermarkets regiments with grain, vegetables and fruit;
  • you monitor improvement of results. Note achievements of interim goals, praise yourself for it, you are proud of the results. It is rather strong incentive;
  • trainings have to be correct. It is very important to pick up the good trainer who watches trainings, gives reasonable advice. Beginners are often overstrained during the trainings and during recovery processes, than do harm to the organism. To develop endurance it is necessary not to process into time of occupations of sport and to watch that pulse did not exceed an admissible (aerobic) threshold;
  • never recede. Only 10% of people adhere to a diet. One of the reasons is that the first 6 weeks kilograms are quickly lost and the person thinks that weight will fall further without problems.

We recommend to study signs of the wrong diet and also learn what diets the most dangerous.

But process of loss of weight then decreases, and the motivation falls. Therefore it is important not to despair and go further. Always it is necessary to realize that the it becomes heavier to achieve result, the motivation decreases stronger and is more difficult to be improved. But you remember if it became heavy that it is the correct way. Do not despair and everything will turn out.

Video: how to begin to conduct ZOZh

Healthy nutrition for run

Special food at run provides support of an organism. Meal on the eve of run is of great importance.

When choosing products for breakfast it is possible to take such advice:

  • the correct breakfast will provide a good training. In run to achieve certain results, it is necessary to break directly after a dream. The breakfast in this case has to consist of proteins or sports food;
  • the norm of a protein has to be about 0.6 g on 1 kg of the total weight of the athlete. Recommend also before sports occupations intake of beta alanine and also arginine. They promote strengthening of blood circulation in the muscle bulk and normalization of power exchange, reduce fatigue.
  • in 80-90 minutes prior to any sports activities, advise to eat food enriched with carbohydrates. But it is necessary to consider that plain carbohydrates are undesirable. Drink from juice, water and sweeteners which can be prepared perfectly will be suitable for this purpose after meal. Well also chocolate products, dried fruits (raisin, dried apricots), honey, macaroni products, sweet pilaf, pastries will approach. All this will provide a good charge of energy;
  • if occupations are carried out by run for weight reduction, then the last meal has to be carried out for 1.5 h prior to occupations;
  • it is necessary to exclude such products: flour products, beans, potatoes, eggplants, cabbage, mushrooms, garden radish and spinach and also meat, greasy and fried food;
  • not to load work of kidneys, a cardiovascular system before occupations as run it is necessary to reduce intake of liquid. Well tea with addition of sugar or honey will approach. Once coffee excludes also drinks with gases. The liquid volume drunk for half an hour prior to occupations has to be less than 200 ml;
  • during jogs it is impossible to take sparkling water, including Coca, caffeinated drinks.

Important point is food after classes on run. Directly right after run you should not start food, the activity of digestive tract during this period is reduced.

Video: food to, in time and after run But to satisfy thirst and also for maintenance of balance of carbohydrates recommend to drink a glass of juice. It is possible also will stop the choice on milkshake, sweet tea with cookies or chocolate.

Approximately in half an hour after sport it is possible to accept food. The amount of carbohydrates necessary in a diet after classes run, has to correspond to the following proportions — about 0.8-1.5 g on 1 kg of the total weight, and protein has to make about 25 g.

First of all it is the porridges made from rice

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