As it is correct to be wrung out from a floor on one hand"

As it is correct to be wrung out from a floor on one hand"

Work on creation of an ideal body demands not only enormous physical expenses, but also extensive knowledge in the field of physiology and human anatomy. It is no secret that the most productive are general exercises, one of which push-up from a floor on one hand is considered. About what muscles work how to learn correctly to carry out such exercises whether they bring all benefit, the speech in this article will go.

What muscles work

The efficiency of any training is estimated by several criteria. Everything undertakes in attention, including amount of the spent energy and the involved groups of muscles.

Whether you know? Classical push-ups are unique: they combine dynamic and static load and put almost all departments of a body into operation.

Exercise on a press from a floor on one hand bears huge advantage for a muscle because involves much more muscles, than classical option:

  • trapezoid;
  • big chest;
  • abdominal press;
  • oblique muscles of a stomach;
  • triceps;
  • deltas;
  • buttocks;
  • back surface of a hip.


As well as other general exercises, this type of a training promotes growth of force and endurance of the athlete. The indisputable advantage of such acrobatic push-ups significantly distinguishes them from classical option:

  • they force the muscles participating in process to work more intensively. It is connected with the fact that in this case loading is distributed not on two hands, and on one;
  • besides, in this type of push-ups all muscles of a back and legs, including muscles stabilizers get into gear (to keep a body in balance that in turn gives the chance in addition to work a relief of muscles);
  • the high energy consumption of exercise allows to burn fat effectively.

Whether you know? Push-ups promote metabolism acceleration. Thus, combustion of fat is made not only at the time of performance, but also within a day after the training.

How to learn to be wrung out on one hand

Even if the athlete has no sufficient force for performance of this element, you should not despair. Laborious work and gradual development of skill will allow to learn to be wrung out correctly on 1 hand.

Preparatory exercises

To minimize the probability of getting injured and stretchings, it is necessary to approach adequately preparation before development of this difficult element:

  1. To strengthen a humeral belt and muscles of a breast. To keep the weight of own body one hand, it is necessary for a start to learn to cope with load of both. It is necessary to begin with classical option of push-ups from two hands, gradually bringing quantity to the possible maximum.
  2. Gradual increase in loading. After development of classics with body weight it is recommended to begin work with weighting compounds. In house conditions it can be the most ordinary backpack with something heavy.
  3. Balance training. This moment is defining in development of the technology of push-ups. Static exercises well are suitable for this purpose: any options of a level on straight arms with an emphasis at first on two, and then on one extremity. It is possible to begin with 15 seconds of a delay in the chosen pose, gradually leading up deduction time up to 2 minutes.

Important! When performing a level it is necessary to watch that the body represented a straight line; the waist should not cave in.

Correct technology of performance

So, after the preparatory stage remained behind and the athlete is confident in the forces, it is possible to start directly development of the equipment. There are several variations of performance of push-ups on one hand, but a standard is the classical option:

  • to adopt the provision "emphasis lying" on two hands (legs rest socks against a floor and are divorced on width of shoulders). For simplification their broader statement is allowed;
  • having transferred weight to a basic extremity, other hand to take aside or to get for a back;
  • having made a breath a nose, to bend an elbow and to fall down so that between a floor and a breast there were no more than 10 cm;
  • to exhale sharply a mouth and, with effort having made a start a brush, to return to an initial position.

Video: technology of performance of push-up on one hand the Shoulders at push-up cannot be turned, they have to be in a parallel with a surface. Basin and a waist are kind of continuation of a backbone and are located accurately on one line.

Except classical push-up on one hand, there are also other modifications facilitating exercise: a partial support on a free hand, push-up with setting of a free hand on the back, position of a body in which hands are above legs (push-up from a bench). Such variations are sometimes used by beginners at a preparatory stage.

Learn what is Hindu push-ups and also about advantage and harm of push-ups in a handstand upside down at a wall.

Useful recommendations

Development of the traditional equipment is not the key to ideal performance of this element therefore you should not forget about useful tips which will help to bring it to perfection:

  1. Regular and systematic trainings.
  2. Control of position of a body, strict observance of the equipment.
  3. To reduce risk of getting injured of ligaments of wrist, at push-up the palm of a basic hand has to be pressed into a floor, and fingers are widely placed.
  4. Regulating width of setting of legs, it is possible to reduce or increase intensity of loading (what already located legs, it is more difficult for that to carry out an element).
  5. Change of position of a basic extremity concerning a trunk allows to place emphasis on various muscular groups (the hand is closer to the case, the triceps and a deltoid muscle are loaded stronger; the farther — the more breast muscles get into gear).

Typical mistakes

The sport is considered a type of activity where it is much simpler and more useful to study on others mistakes, violation of the technique of occupations often leads to injuries and stretchings and just to decrease in efficiency of a training:

  • the wrong setting of a basic hand concerning the case often leads it to balance loss;
  • shift of the center of gravity due to rise of omission of a basin. In the first case the loading will leave target group of muscles on legs, in the second — there are real chances to get injured lumbar department;
  • attempt to hold a body it is strict in a horizontal, without allowing even the minimum shift from an axis. In terms of physiology the small twisting allows to be wrung out actually from a floor (in strictly fixed situation it is impossible in principle);
  • reestimation of own forces: the attempt to execute the greatest possible number of repetitions can lead to an overload of a basic extremity and falling.

Important! Some athletes resort to such reception as twisting of a basin towards a basic hand for the purpose of exercise simplification. So it is not recommended to do as not only the efficiency decreases, but also there is a risk of shift of vertebral disks in a waist.


Push-ups as the most available type of physical activity are deservedly presented by a large number of champions in various variations:

  • the unusual record was set up in 2003 by the teenage girl of 12 years from Voronezh. 20 times were succeeded to be wrung out by her, keeping only on a thumb;
  • in 2001 the resident of Switzerland Iwan de Weber executed push-ups on one hand of 120 times within 60 seconds;
  • in 2010 the Georgian 16-year-old young man Georgy Basilashvili broke Weber's record, having executed in a minute of 157 push-ups on one brush.

Video: a record of push-ups on one hand of Georgy Basilashvili Itak, having attentively studied features and technology of push-ups from a floor on one hand, it is possible to draw a conclusion that such type of physical activity though is incredibly useful, however it can do not for all. Thorough system training, respect for care and enormous endurance are necessary for persons interested to conquer this peak.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team