As it is correct to do squats for buttocks

As it is correct to do squats for buttocks

Buttocks — the most appetizing part of a female body. There is no woman who would not like that they were roundish, elastic and sexual. In article we will consider how to make buttocks the brightest and attractive part of a body.

Anatomy of buttocks

Basin women differs in the anatomic building from men's. Obvious difference is protrusion of pelvic bones forward that leads to violation of the structure of a backbone — to a curvature of vertebral department. Such feature does hips of the woman more volume.

Buttocks consist of three main muscles:

  1. Big buttock. It is an external muscle because fastens over all others and more is responsible for stabilization of a backbone and the movement of a hip. This muscle does shapes rounded and beautiful.
  2. Average buttock. It is possible to notice it if to look at a silhouette sideways. She is responsible for assignment of legs.
  3. Small buttock. Is under all muscles, and it is impossible to see it. Participates in all movements by legs.

Important! Badly worked gluteuses reduce effectiveness of trainings on all other groups of muscles.

It is possible to notice a lack of pumping of buttocks during squats. If you cannot rise and return to a starting position, so they are insufficiently trained.

Whether buttocks help to pump up squats

The type of a figure is given to the person from the birth. The myth goes that if the nature gave a flat bottom, then it such also will remain, regardless of the taken actions. Actually, any defects of a body can be corrected special physical exercises.

The correct squats — the most widespread and effective way of pumping. Depending on a type of a squat it is possible to form any given gluteuses therefore squats not only help to pump up an appetizing part of a body, but also to adjust its form.

Learn what squats are useful to men and women.

What squats the most effective for buttocks

It would seem what here can be new. You want a buttock — squat. But whether it is possible to pump up buttocks, just using a squat? Actually, there is a large number of various squats directed to different types of gluteuses.

Video: squats for a beautiful bottom For example, pumping over only big buttock, there is a risk to receive convex, but square shape if to train average buttock, then the bottom will be rather flat, but wide.

There are men's and women's squats. The first are directed to pumping of quadriceps, and the second — buttocks. A difference only in width of setting of legs and amplitude of assignment of a basin. Let's consider the types of squats which are the most effective for girls.

Classical with body weight

This type of squats perfectly is suitable for warm-up and a warming up and also for sports activities in house conditions in the absence of weighting compounds:

  1. Accept a standing position, having parted legs on width of shoulders. Socks look forward, hands are extended before themselves that allows to hold balance.
  2. Present that for you there is a low stool and you need to sit down on it.
  3. Fall to parallel level with a floor. At rise be leveled not completely, start the following repetition at once.

Important! During performance of a training of a heel should not come off a floor, and knees are over foot.

During performance of exercise of a muscle of a press have to be strained, the body should not be filled up forward, a back equal. It is the most widespread type of a squat, but one of the most effective and energy-intensive.


Exercise performance similarly previous, but with two exceptions:

  • legs are put more widely than shoulders;
  • it is necessary to fall below a parallel with a floor.

Read in more detail how it is correct to do deep squats.

This exercise leads to a warming up of gluteuses.

Squats with narrow statement of feet

The training is directed to a warming up of an average gluteus and quadriceps. During this exercise it is necessary to adhere to an algorithm of classical squats with body weight. Difference: legs have to be put closely to each other — on width no more than length of foot.

The pulsing squats

Exercise is used at the end of a training on buttocks to clog muscles. These squats are possible at any setting of legs. Falling down to a parallel, it is necessary to do low-amplitude movements at this level and again to rise.

Training with use of the pulsing squats:

  1. Execute 3 approaches on 20 squats in the classical way.
  2. During performance of the last squat remain in this situation and begin the pulsing movements.
  3. Having made 5 pulsations, rise then repeat this exercise of 5 more times.

Pliometrichesky squats

Pliometrichesky squats are directed not only to a power training, they train endurance and heart at the expense of cardioloading in the form of jumps.

Important! It is forbidden to carry out pliometrichesky squats at knee pain.

Exercises bring big load of joints. If problems with them are available, refuse jumps. Technology of performance:

  1. The starting position can vary depending on the studied muscles (narrow or broad setting of legs).
  2. Do squats to a parallel with a floor then sharply jump out up.

Pliometrichesky exercises always have higher loading. Pliometricheskimi can make any kind of the squats with emphasis on buttocks presented in article, having added a vyprygivaniye at the end of exercise.

Squats with a bar on shoulders

If squats with the body weight of steel for you easy and ineffectual, it is time to think of weightings.

Important! Begin to squat with a small weight (with an empty signature stamp), otherwise you risk to injure a back.

The woman should not be afraid of weight, she will not be able to be pumped over and become similar to the man without additional chemical additives. Squats are carried out with the ordinary equipment of classical squats.

Video: technology of performance of squats with a bar the Exception: the bar with a replaceable weight is used. The bar should not lie accurately on shoulders, it should be lifted above, but without getting on a neck. It will allow to avoid problems with cervical vertebras. During exercise you do not start strongly the case forward. You risk to lose balance.

We advise to esteem how it is correct to squat with a bar to the girl.

Cup squats

The squats which are most studying buttocks:

  1. Pick up a weighting compound, elbows are lowered, a back equal, curved.
  2. Legs are divorced more widely than shoulders, socks look slightly in the parties.
  3. During a squat try to take away a basin as it is possible stronger back. Do not stoop in a back.

During the training try to fall below, then buttocks will be studied stronger. Rise only at the expense of buttocks, resting on heels. At an emphasis on socks the loading is transferred to calves, there is a risk to be filled up forward.

Squats in Smith's car

This exercise allows to isolate the necessary groups of muscles. As the signature stamp is fixed, there is no need to include muscles bark.

  1. Be reluctant shoulders about a signature stamp.
  2. Concerning a signature stamp, expose legs ahead at shoulder length. The more a step, the basin muscles will be studied stronger.
  3. Squats are carried out deeply.

Whether you know? Shane Hamman executed squat weighing 457.5 kg, thereby having set up a world record on a squat in equipment.

Try to press a heel in a floor during rise. In that case you increase intensity of a training.

Plie for buttocks

This exercise is intended not only for beautiful buttocks, but also for an internal part of a hip:

  1. Put legs widely.
  2. Develop socks in the parties as much as possible.
  3. At the movement do not incline a back down.
  4. Rise due to work of buttocks and an emphasis of heels.

Whether you know? The world record on classical squats without weighting belongs to Edmar Freytas from Brazil. He made 111 thousand squats. During performance of squats the Brazilian did rest each 4 hours lasting 5 minutes.

You should not confuse this exercise with sumo. Pay attention to position of a back. It has to be the most vertical without deflections.


Very often exercises of sumo and a plie confuse and even consider the same type of a training. They completely differ technically.

Exercise of sumo is directed to study of quadriceps and a big gluteus:

  1. Put legs widely.
  2. Socks look forward.
  3. During squat you take away a basin back, inclining a back.

It is important! That it did not occur, strain muscles of a press and a back.

During exercise it is impossible to hunch a back. The deflection in a waist can cause pain or a trauma. The main difference of sumo from a plie — statement of feet and an inclination of a back.

Video: technology of performance of squats of a plie and sumo


The curtsey allows not only to pump up a muscle, but also to stretch it that favorably influences study of buttocks.

  1. Take a step back, leaving an emphasis on a front leg.
  2. Get a leg slightly aside from that leg which is ahead.
  3. Do squats before receiving a right angle in a knee of a front leg.

Many girls are not happy with a shape of buttocks because they are lowered. The curtsey and usual attacks most effectively raise buttocks and reduce a fat layer.


The training is suitable for advanced athletes. It allows to pump over as much as possible each leg and buttocks separately.

  1. Transfer the center of weight to one of legs, detain the second before yourself.
  2. To keep balance during exercise performance, you take away a basin as much as possible back, and a free leg forward, raising it and leveling.

It is difficult to carry out exercise because of problems in Achilles tendons or in the absence of due mobility of a coxofemoral joint.

Important! During exercise Pistol into operation is put by muscles bark, trying to keep balance.

This exercise differs from usual classical in the fact that now on each leg the bigger weight without redistribution — the mass of your body will be enclosed.

As it is correct to choose the weight of weighting compounds

It is necessary to understand that weighting compounds — not the main thing. Most important — the correct technology of performance of exercise. The training with a small weight, but the correct equipment can be far more intensively, than wrong with a big weight.

Having come the first time to gym, everyone has different physical training, but there are rules allowing to choose for themselves the optimum weight bringing result without injuring.

The weight of weighting compounds depends on the program which you prescribed yourself or the trainer prescribed you. For example, if in the program is written to make 3 approaches on 20 repetitions, it means that you have to choose the weight allowing you to master the put quantity.

Important! Squat — one of the most injury-causing exercises. Not to injure a back and knees, do not forget about warm-up, do not take big weight and also it is recommended to use services of the trainer at the initial stages.

In the beginning selection happens by method of tests. If the first 5 times it is heavy to you to squat with a weight which you use, it should be reduced. It is necessary to reduce loading until weighting compounds do not cease to bring discomfort. After you worked sufficient time in habitual weight and occupations are given rather simply, it is necessary to increase the weight or the number of repetitions.

Prevention of injuries

As it was already told earlier, this exercise is one of the most effective, but at the same time the most traumatic.

Important! You feel back, knees or shin pain — finish a training.

Let's consider the basic rules allowing to make a training of the safest:

  1. Warm-up. It is not necessary to neglect warm-up. It should give up to 10 minutes. When ligaments and joints are warmed, the risk of getting injured decreases twice.
  2. Trust the feelings. If exercises bring discomfort, try to facilitate them. For example, if meniscuses hurt, try to squat not so low.
  3. You watch technology of performance of exercise. The main problem which beginners face are data of knees during efforts on rise. If it occurred, then you take too big weight. During the work without weighting compounds just it is necessary to watch the arch of knees. Do not stoop a back and shoulders, you do not get knees for feet.
  4. Do not take the weight which you cannot master. There are two types of a training: on weight and on force. During the training on weight the athlete does not numerous repetitions, but with a big weight. During the work on force the exercises are done with a small weight a large number of times. To girls, not powerlifters, it is recommended to be engaged on force. Therefore you watch that weight was for you comfortable throughout all training. To lower load of a back, use a special belt corset.

Why after squats buttocks do not hurt

For the person who is engaged at least week the muscle pain consigns to the past. At a normal training of pain to be and should not.

If you changed loading and the plan of trainings, and there is no muscle pain all the same, then on that is several reasons:

  1. Exercises are directed not to those groups of muscles. There are different types of squats directed to different groups of muscles of legs and a basin. You can not see a difference in exercise performance, but at the same time loading passes to other groups of muscles.
  2. The organism got used to loading. Changes in the plan of trainings do not progress result.
  3. You do exercises by inertia. If exercises are expedited, then efforts are put less. During such training many movements become automatically at the expense of forces in physics, but not at the expense of muscles.

Unpleasant feelings in muscles can will appear only in case of change of loading, the plan of trainings or at the wrong performance of exercises.

We recommend to esteem about what exercises with a bar and dumbbells effective for female buttocks.

When it is possible to expect the first results

It is the individual moment. The constitution of a body at all women different. If there is a predisposition to development of pelvic muscles, process will go quickly enough if it is absent, more slowly. But, despite this, the effect all the same will be. To increase efficiency of trainings, it is necessary to involve healthy nutrition:

  • if you want muscles to be visible, then make deficiency calories. It is enough to consume 400 kcal less basic expense of metabolism, and the result will be visible in a month. Moreover, you will be able to get rid of extra kilos;
  • if you want to build up muscle bulk, then increase protein volume in diet;
  • do not forget about water. Very often the body swells. That it did not occur, it is necessary to drink standard daily rate of calories. Increase the weight in kilograms by 30, you receive water consumption rate in ml. In hot weather and in days of trainings the amount of water should be increased.

Eat correctly, train and receive result for only several weeks.

Get acquainted with the main technicians and rules of squats.

Frequent mistakes

Mistakes are made not only by beginners, but also professional athletes.

The most widespread of them:

  • lack of a warm-up/hitch;
  • at rise an emphasis not on a heel, and on a sock;
  • removal of knees for a vertical with a sock;
  • bending and stoop of a back;
  • incorrectly picked up weighting compound weight.

Video: as it is correct to squat If to consider all frequent mistakes, it is possible to avoid injuries during the trainings.

Rules of effective squats

We are engaged in physical activity to receive a desirable body therefore a training — not the place for eases and rest.

Whether you know? Squats increase metabolism speed by 17% for two next days after the training.

That the training was the most effective, we will consider the basic rules:

  1. During performance of exercise try to experience all muscles which get into gear. For this purpose do all repetitions slowly.
  2. Try to use different types of squats, thereby it is possible to work all gluteuses and to create a beautiful shape of a bottom.
  3. Be not afraid to use weighting compounds if exercises are given very simply.
  4. Observe technology of performance of exercises.
  5. If your purpose — buttocks, then you seek to put legs more widely and to take away a basin as it is possible further back and below, and make rises due to work only of gluteuses.

Example of the program for a month

In a month to reach a desirable shape of buttocks or it is possible to come nearer to an ideal therefore we offer an example of the program for 30 days for basin muscles.

Whether you know? There is a rule of trainings: in 10 days the result will become visible to you, in 20 days — to your relatives, and in 30 days — all acquaintance.

All exercises should be added on accruing. It is necessary to do each exercise on 3–4 approaches. For elastic buttocks it is enough to give only 20 minutes a day and 3 times a week to see rather fast result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team