As the fitness burns calories

As the fitness burns calories

In the modern world not to do without physical education in any way. Today there is the big variety of the directions of fitness, but the purpose of occupations is in improving overall health, to restore health, to strengthen muscles, to increase mood and to improve the figure.

This kind of fitness won the large number of fans recently. The advantage of occupations with the jump rope is the fact that jumping it is possible to burn up to 1000 kilocalories in one hour. Jumps help to strengthen the bearing, to develop flexibility and coordination of movements. From pluses of such occupations it is possible to allocate that they suit people with any physical training, fight against excess weight.

This kind of fitness is thought up by the famous coach and the nutritionist Theresa Tapp. This way will attract interest of women for thirty. This system guarantees loss of volume in hips. Fat will significantly leave. Approximately in two weeks 2 centimeters will leave. With the excess weight it suits people as well as possible.

This occupation represents the way of disposal of fat in hips and the stomach and also helps to pump up the press. It turns out that in 1 hour 400 kilocalories are burned while the daily norm necessary for the organism is 2000 kilocalories.

Exercises to the sound of music in water perfectly help to fight against the excess weight because energy is spent not only for implementation of movements, but also temperature maintenance of the body in water. All this provides acceleration of the metabolism in the organism and, therefore, helps to split excess calories. In one hour of performance of exercises in water it is possible to burn 600 kilocalories. The water aerobics found big popularity among other methods of weight loss because it doesn't exhaust, and helps to spend cheerfully time in the pool with advantage for the body. For the reason that in water the body is forced to cope with resistance, the opportunity to get rid of cellulitis on problem parts of the body raises.

It is worth remembering that before starting any fitness classes, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team