As to the man to gain weight

As to the man to gain weight

The women's attention is constantly drawn by the men having the sports and beefy figure. Quickly to gain weight, it is necessary to connect power trainings and healthy nutrition. Of course, it is necessary to exclude all addictions - alcohol and smoking.

It is required to you

  • - food;
  • - exercises.


1. Change the food allowance. If earlier you ate food three times a day, then it should be addedit should be added two more receptions. Add the first after the breakfast, and the second - after the lunch. Gradually add more and more food to the diet. Spend for change of the menu week if you change food quickly, then your state will worsen.

2. After you get used to eat the large number of food, be defined as as it is necessary to eat. For accumulation of muscle bulk it is recommended to use meat, eggs, nuts, dairy products and grain crops. For breakfast it is desirable to eat products, protein-rich and fats. Before the breakfast surely eat some fruit that the stomach was prepared for digestion of food. Two hours later have a bite two sandwiches or protein cocktail. In two and a half hours have densely dinner borsch or other soup with several pieces of bread. For the afternoon snack drink protein cocktail or eat couple of sandwiches. The dinner has to pass in two hours prior to the dream, in its menu there have to be the meat and salad. You choose the rest on your discretion.

3. The important part of the complex on the fast set of muscle bulk at men are trainings. It is the best of all to train after the afternoon snack or the lunch, depending on the day regimen. The first month of trainings has to consist of the programs directed to blockage of muscles. It means that you have to lift big weight, gradually increasing loading. Also the complex of power exercises has to include push-ups on fists and squats. If you decide to visit gym, then in breaks instead of water drink the cup of sweet tea. Well, and after classes thirst can be satisfied with the small amount of mineral water.

4. For accumulation of body weight follow this complex of three months about half a year. After you gain weight, it is necessary to change exercises and the food allowance. Further it is necessary to select the program for maintenance of muscles or inflating of the relief.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team