Correct spirit. We prepare for practice of yoga

Correct spirit. We prepare for practice of yoga

Before starting practice, it is important to remember the internal spirit. Harmonious self-understanding of during the occupations is very important. In yoga it is considered that the internal balance has bigger value, than the external environment.

How to prepare itself for performance of exercises? Before we start the set of exercises, it is important to sit down directly, to straighten, the neck, the back, the head. We are in such situation several minutes, two-three minutes will be enough. In this situation we try to remove internal stiffness, to relax body muscles, to calm down.

After busy day or in the condition of the internal solution of problems, we also don't notice how tension affects us. Externally it can be seen when face muscles are strained.

The modern lifestyle promotes appearance of the stress, and it, in turn, doesn't allow us to plunge into the condition of harmony which is so important for successful practice. Relaxation of face muscles and the body will help to remove internal stress. Thus, we act upside-down. Relaxing muscles, we remove stress and we weaken the processes proceeding inside.

Here what moment should be considered before practice. At the beginning of the occupations we internally work on releasing the situation. Our vital circumstances can take control entirely of our consciousness, without giving to it, to consciousness, the body to relax.

We try "to solve the problem" our mind. Often spending all the mental forces for considerings of those aspects which don't depend on us. That is we made everything that we could, made efforts where something depended on us, but we can't "release the situation".

Thereby we don't allow our Universe to make the part of work. Our thoughts continue to have hidden impact on the situation though well to allow the world to make what doesn't depend on us. Not all circumstances give in to our influence!

Until we cease to consider our problem again and again, the Universe can't interfere and help. Someone one has to be engaged in the solution of questions. Therefore it will be very good to forget about what disturbs us for a while.

Anyway, during practice we can't affect the course of events, and only we interfere with the thoughts. And practice won't come out as successful as could be in more harmonious condition of our mind.

Our task as much as possible "to exempt reason" from daily cares. To make it not simply, to especially beginning practicians. Over time we will learn to operate better the thoughts, to take our reflections under control.

After we released the mental grasp as far as it is possible, good to stretch, yawn. Our body usually it asks in the mornings. How many will it borrow on time? It is so much how many it will be pleasant to us.

After that our body is more relaxed, stress mental is removed and we are ready to productive occupation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team