In Medieval England, many sports, and cricket – one of the oldest which play to this day were thought up.

Before began to play it in various places in the world, this sport was entertainment of the English noble sirs. The king of England Edward II was the admirer of this game. Massively British began to play in the 16th century. The first match was held in 1598. In the 17th century, rural boys began to play the game even. There were also first professional players. From the national game the cricket turned into sport. Thanks to expansion of the British crown learned about it in all colonies. Especially he took root in India. The Indian masters encouraged development of sport to please the British. Ever since Hindus – some of the main opponents of British.

In 1939 between English team and team of India the match was held. It lasted several days, with breaks on the rain and revivals. On Sundays the British visited church. The match was ended only because English national team needed to departure home. The winner wasn't defined.

In cricket play in the platform in the form of the ellipse. Use the flat bat and the ball. The game contains 42 rules and quite strict regulations of participation of the national teams in matches of World League. Distinguish cricket of the first level at which duration of the match is strictly limited on time, and cricket with narrow over. The last appeared relatively recently, and the match, according to rules, is limited by 50 or 20 over. They can't stretch for several days.

It is a little countries having membership in the international conference of cricket, generally these countries – the former British colonies. India – one of the few modern developing countries in which the cricket is much more popular than soccer. Broadcasts of finals of the national cup are on sale for several million dollars. Team players actively act in commercials and their persons flash on television almost also often as the faces of actors of Bollywood. Success in the international tournaments brought to citizens of the country belief that they can surpass the ancestors of the game, so, at least to be more successful than the former mother country in something.

Women joined this sport much more later. Only at the end of the 19th century there took place the first match played officially. Rules differ in nothing from men's cricket. In 1973 there took place the world championship among women on cricket. Six-time world champions in this sport are the Australian sportswomen.

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