Crystalline solid of Light of the person, or that it Merkab

Crystalline solid of Light of the person, or that it Merkab

According to a legend, Merkab it was known to each person earlier, but it was taken away and erased from memory at Atlases. Since then not all can put in action to Merkab and not at once. Therefore today we will consider detailed information on Merkab and we learn, what is it, why it is necessary and as to activate it presently.

What is it

Merkab it is presented in the form of the crystal power field. It contains concrete elements of sacred geometrical figures which frame chakras, thin bodies, the main covers. Merkaby call the chariot to the parallel world, but this concept not absolutely correct. Merkab is rather big power field which covers distance in 16.7 meters around the person.

Whether you know? Ancient Egyptians considered to Merkab the chariot of a body and soul by means of which it is possible to move in space, to travel in time and to overcome measurements.

It rotates around a body with acoustic speed, but can strongly slow down the movement or at all stop it if for this purpose there are any obstacles.

The specific power field is presented in the form of a solar and lunar tetrahedron and also other polyhedrons which connect in a star tetrahedron.

The word of Merkab consists of three parts: "Measures" — types of the moving light, "KA" — spirit, "Oh" — a human body.

Main functions of Merkaby

Distinguish from the main functions of Merkaby protective and ability of movement, we will consider them in more detail.


The protective ability is considered the main Merkaby function which can be shown quickly enough in case of the correct performance of methods of activation of the power field.

The activated power field is capable to influence the world around and the people living in it by means of the eminence of their consciousness.

In case of correctly adjusted consciousness of the personality, she is capable to realize the importance in creation of destiny that allows to activate protective function from all troubles and diseases.

The power field is capable to establish close connection with soul of the person and to become a push to activation of a brain, bringing both hemispheres into work. In this regard the body in the physical and thin plan is capable to self-healing.


Perhaps, the ability to move soul and a human body to other world is considered the main function thanks to which the name technicians Merkaby appeared. But it is possible only in case of certain changes in consciousness.

To pass into the highest world, the personality plunges into the world of love, harmony and unity of a body and soul. Such state not only allows to strengthen to Merkab, but also to force it to work actively.

Merkab can normally work, only if a physical, astral and mental body of the personality completely interact.

Important! Only the electee and after long realized the practician can comprehend such state. There is an opinion that the personality who completely activates the power field will be able to move in space and to visit the parallel worlds.

Astrosom and Mentos in the normal state rotate diversely and when reach rotation peak, promote transformation of the power field into the crystal carrying the name of activated Merkaby.

How to activate to Merkab

Merkab can bring into activity by means of several ways, at the same time they should not be separate elements of activation. It is possible to reach active work of Merkaby only in case of performance of all ways therefore we will consider them in details.


The exercises allowing to activate the power field conditionally divide into several components which have to be involved during concentration — a body, mind, heart and breath.

There is several effective respiratory the practician which as much as possible involve to Merkab.

The anuloma of a vilom, prana of the yogi, Jalandhar also carry to respiratory practicians a bandh, kapalabkhat, a mule of a bandh, the Hatha yogi.

The first breath: breath

In the course of practice performance the heart opens and filled with love for the world around. Mind you have to realize one of tetrahedrons — solar, filled with energy and color of the sun which is around a physical body.

The body also has to be in a certain situation — both index and a thumb connect among themselves. Palms have to be turned up. When all main elements are involved, it is necessary to begin to breathe correctly.

Before the first meditative breath it is necessary to exhale completely. Breath has to be carried out by a nose. At first the breath is made by a stomach, further a diaphragm, then a breast.

Try that transition from a stomach to a diaphragm and a breast was not felt, you breathe evenly, on one breath, without doing breakthroughs in transitions. It is necessary to exhale also evenly, at the same time to strain a stomach and to relax a breast.

Time spent for a breath and an exhalation has to be identical, breath rhythmical.

The recommended duration of a breath is 7 seconds, respectively, and an exhalation too. If for you it long, then try at least that duration was not less than 5 seconds. The first breath: an exhalation Heart, as well as in the first case, has to be filled with feeling of love for itself, God and the world around.

Mind you have to realize a terrestrial tetrahedron which is filled with snow-white light.

The body is in the same situation, as in the first case.

It is necessary to breathe in this case without holding the breath on a breath, and at once to exhale. The exhalation has to be slow and last about 7 seconds. When the exhalation is made, you relax a thorax and muscles of a stomach and make a breath delay for 5 seconds.

Further the following instructions are followed: try to realize that you are in horizontally placed plane of an equilateral triangle which passes at the level of a solar plexus.

At this time do not forget that your body is placed in a terrestrial tetrahedron. Further try to present sharp falling of a triangle down, with its subsequent reduction and final overflowing to a tetrahedron. When there is a contact of two elements, the negative power chain is pushed out, and the tetrahedron becomes more dark color.

In the course of performance of mental manipulations the body also has to be active. Try to reduce or mow eye pupils to each other, further sharply to lift up to an emphasis. After that carry out the movement of eyes down.

This movement has to happen to a thought of movement of a triangle down.

Further it is necessary to carry out respiratory practicians in the same way that are described in the first case, but to alternate Are wise — position of fingers of hands.

  • The 2nd breath — having connected a big and middle finger;
  • — having connected the 3rd big to anonymous;
  • — having connected the 4th big to a little finger;
  • — having connected the 5th big to index;
  • — having connected the 6th big and average.


Thanks to meditation it is possible to visualize activity of the geometrical figures rotating around a body. Over time they will represent a tetrahedron.

It is important! If at the person it does not turn out to create more than three rings, then practice stops until, work with character and internal state will not be carried out yet.

You have to be in a condition of meditation at least once in day in order that activation of Merkaby happened gradually. To meditate, to accept a lotus pose better. To dump negative emotions and to relax, it is necessary to begin superficially, but to breathe rhythmically.

Get acquainted with very powerful mantras for meditation: Ganesha, Har, Ohm, move mantra, anthem Shanti.

When the body enough relaxes and will plunge into a meditative state, it is necessary to pay special attention to Christ's chakra which is at the level of a mochevidny shoot. For this purpose try to direct the attention to the address to God and as much as possible to feel love for the world around.

You breathe evenly, the breath has to be the same length, as well as exhaled. When you feel the highest, in your opinion, a condition of love, switch the attention to knowledge of Merkaby. Try not to force down rhythm of breath. Over time the feeling of love will amplify, also the activity of the power field thereby will increase.

Spontaneous activation

Merkab it can be activated in case of impact of emotions of the person on it. It happens not so often, as in the course of meditative and respiratory the practician.

For activation of the power field in this way you have to focus as much as possible on spiritual improvement of, try to show love and compassion to people around.

If these feelings completely fill your body, and you a long time will be in such state, that power field can accelerate the work.

Pluses and minuses

As for positive aspects of Merkaby:

  • it is safe;
  • you completely control the state;
  • promotes spiritual growth;
  • strengthens work of a brain;
  • makes protective impact on the person;
  • helps to find an imbalance in the psychological state and a physiological body.

Whether you know? The idea of meditation of Merkaby was put forward by Drunval Melkhisedek the metaphysicist and the esotericist. He wrote a set of books which are translated into 29 languages and are published more than in 100 countries worldwide. Its meditative centers are located in 60 countries.

From shortcomings allocate:

  • complexity in activation;
  • performance duration;
  • the practician demands regular;
  • insufficient spiritual development will not allow to activate the power field as much as possible.

Merkab is a powerful way of meditation which is capable to protect the person and to comprehend true love for the world around. The begun practicians are not to stop the main thing and to keep concentration and commitment for achievement of the maximum result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team