Delayed onset muscle soreness: well or badly?

Delayed onset muscle soreness: well or badly?

This phenomenon is familiar, perhaps, to everyone who trained or played sports. Feeling of pain and constraint in muscles which arises most often next day after the training it is and there is delayed onset muscle soreness. Pain at the subconscious level is perceived by the person as the signal of foul something and seldom is associated with something positive, however it isn't necessary to say that delayed onset muscle soreness – it is bad at all.

When does delayed onset muscle soreness arise?

Pain arises because at the intensive exercise stress in fibers of muscles there are microgaps (their quantity depends on duration of loading and specifically performed exercises). Painful feelings as it was already told, arise in one-two days after the active training and die away during the next two-three days.

The syndrome of the delayed muscular pain (official name of the phenomenon of delayed onset muscle soreness) is also observed after performance new, unusual to the body, exercises. Delayed onset muscle soreness will be the strongest after squats and push-ups.

Why delayed onset muscle soreness – it is good?

In fact delayed onset muscle soreness is quite normal reaction of the organism to new and strong exercise stresses. It, in fact, is the direct phase of restoration and allows to increase the level of endurance and the muscular strength subsequently. At the same time delayed onset muscle soreness demonstrates also that loading really was sufficient, if painful feelings in muscles in one-two days aren't observed, so the organism already adapted to such loadings and the system of exercises needs to be replaced.

How to get rid of painful feelings in muscles?

In spite of the fact that delayed onset muscle soreness is the phenomenon positive and short-term, it, certainly, causes discomfort and desire to get rid as soon as possible of pain. About methods and ways of disposal of muscular pain the leading doctors and coaches conduct disputes for a long time. Here some of them:

  • It is proved that massage allows to reduce muscle pain, but it is necessary to know that it won't influence functions of muscles.
  • Alternating douche. It isn't necessary to speak about the proved efficiency of this way, but many athletes say that it really helps.
  • Couple of stretching exercises will help to lower discomfort.
  • Medicines, namely aspirin and ibuprofen, will allow to get rid of pain though won't influence process of restoration of muscle fibers in any way.
  • In spite of the fact that at delayed onset muscle soreness there is no wish to continue trainings and rest for couple of days at all sees good option (though it is in the way of disposal of pain in muscles too, but longer), it is better to continue studies, at the same time surely having lowered loading.

Allow to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness correct on intensity and duration of occupation, increasing gradually and also warm-up just before the training.

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