Fitness and weight loss: 5 rules of the good training

It is simple to lose weight it is possible also without the aid of physical exercises, but will help to tighten the figure and to give to muscles the beautiful sports relief only trainings. To receive the maximum advantage from fitness, it is necessary to consider some nuances.


1. Gradual increase to the nagruzoknachinayta from one approach, "try out" exercise. Through couple of occupations increase the number of approaches to two, then - to three. Make three approaches for each exercise within 2 weeks. When you feel that the body got stronger, try to add the number of repetitions. Don't forget about rest between approaches, it has to make 30-40 seconds.

2. Correct dykhaniyeneredko in the description of exercise there is information that it needs to be carried out on the breath or the exhalation. How it is correct to breathe? The breath is carried out quietly and through the nose. The exhalation is carried out with small effort, lips at the same time are put in the tubule as if you blow on hot. It is necessary to exhale at the time of the maximum muscular tension.

3. Liked not to reduce muzykachtoba pace during the occupations and not to be distracted by fatigue, be engaged under favourite musical compositions. Of course, they have to be rather rhythmical.

4. Trainings and the edapopulyarny question - when can be eaten: to or after the training? The optimal variant - for one or one and a half hours prior to the occupations to eat the portion of slow carbohydrates (grain, pasta), or for half an hour - the average size banana or to drink the glass of protein cocktail. After the end of occupations it is necessary to eat food not earlier, than in 30 minutes - at this time the metabolism is most intensive. As for water, it is possible to drink also during the training, but gradually and small drinks.

5. Approaches or "around" As a rule, each exercise is performed the certain number of times in several approaches, however for those who want to lose extra kilos, the training "around" will be more effective. That is at first it is necessary to repeat all exercises from the program one after another, having made on one approach, and then to return to the first again and to repeat the circle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team