How correctly to play sports

How correctly to play sports

With arrival of spring the desire to be beautiful, attractive, desired and charming, as usual, becomes aggravated extremely. Therefore the fitness is especially popular at this time.


1. But, working on finding of desired symmetry by means of physical exercises very few people care for healthy nutrition. And it is vain: the organism during this period of time needs special support.

2. The main thing what it is necessary to remember, making the menu for the strengthened trainings – food has to be as much as possible various. And it means, is everything is possible that is only demanded by your soul. You shouldn't lose joy to taste any given product only because it is considered "harmful to the figure". Sending the signal that he wants the small fish, of nutlets, cheese or bananas to our brain, the organism lets know that it lacks those minerals and vitamins which contain in these products. And this shortage, naturally, will affect your health.

3. Here the question is quite appropriate: how it is possible, without refusing anything to itself, not to gather those extra kilos of which we try to get rid, visiting the training gymnasium? The answer is so banal: observe the measure. Eat more often, but little by little. After the meal you should have no feeling of the crowded stomach. Will be correct if during the day you sit down at the table of 4 - 5 times instead of 2 or 3, but on nutritiousness each meal shouldn't exceed 200-300 calories.

4. You shouldn't go to fitness club to the hungry stomach also. But it is necessary to eat not before the training, and hour for one and a half-two till its beginning. In the diet at the same time there have to be products in which there is a lot of protein or plain carbohydrates – the advantage and intensity of trainings at the same time will increase. Right after the training when the tired organism demands compensation of the spent calories, it is also not necessary to snatch on food – drink waters better. Meal is possible not earlier than in half an hour upon termination of occupations. Water, by the way, can be used in any quantity and during the occupations.

5. Crude vegetables, fruit, greens, juice – all this on your table has to be obligatory, and especially during trainings. Also you remember that your wisest adviser – your precious organism. Listen carefully to it, and you will be the winner - it is precisely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team