How not to choke at run

How not to choke at run

At run the cardiovascular system of the person experiences strong strain that causes hurried breathing. The beginning, inexperienced runners often aren't able to control breath not to choke because of what the efficiency of the training goes down. At run on average and long distances it is especially important to breathe correctly to give the chance to oxygen to reach vitals.

1. Process of breath during run at different people significantly differs therefore it is necessary to choose individually for himself the optimal variant, proceeding from practice. But there are several general rules to which it is necessary to adhere correctly to breathe. Before run it is necessary to make respiratory warm-up during which it is possible not only to prepare lungs for the forthcoming test, but also to warm up muscles. Do several simple exercises (bendings, squats, turns of the torso), at the same time inhale when the thorax clenches, and exhale – when extends. If you do stretching exercises, it is necessary to exhale at the end.

2. During run track the breath, trying to understand what department of the breast you breathe. Often runners involve the top part of the breast in the basic – at big speeds it is well visible how the breast hard rises. Try to breathe "stomach" or by means of the diaphragm, having trained before run in advance. It is necessary to inflate a little at the breath the stomach while lungs are filled with air. To begin to apply this way of breath at run it is necessary gradually.

3. Try to watch that for one breath and for one exhalation you did three-four steps, as a last resort, when doesn't gasp, two steps. The main thing is to breathe rhythmically, with certain intervals. Try to breathe exactly and quietly, at the same time place emphasis on the exhalation. If it is still difficult for you to keep the necessary rhythm, train to watch it when walking and also reduce run speed. To check itself, try to speak during run – if no problems arise, so you move at the correct pace.

4. Remember that it is necessary to breathe at run only the nose – especially in the fresh air. It is often possible to hear councils to take breaths or exhalations the mouth, but it not only promotes that the runner begins to choke, but also strongly pollutes tonsils, lungs and the trachea into which dust and dirt get and also overcools respiratory tracts. If to breathe through the mouth at run when on the street it is cool, it is possible to get cold or other infectious disease.

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