How to become the athlete

How to become the athlete

To become the true athlete, it isn't enough to come to stadium from time to time or to visit fashionable fitness club. The professional sport means daily, and since childhood, persistent trainings, self-discipline, full concentration, refusal of the stranger and addictions. Most of athletes distinguishes maximalism, desire always and everywhere to be the first from ordinary athletes.

It is required to you

  • - medical certificate about health;
  • - sportswear;
  • - sports equipment (depending on the type of occupations).


1. Decide on sport in which you would like to be engaged, analyze the opportunities and future expenses including material. Or expenses, if you still minor, your parents and relatives. After all, there is the huge difference between the price for the uniform, for example, of the athlete, and for what puts on and uses during the occupations as clothes and stock the mountain skier or the hockey player.

2. Answer yourself the question: "For the sake of what you want to play sports?". There is the sport amateur, directed, first of all, to strengthening of health, for appearance bodies. Otherwise it is called physical education. There is also the elite sport, professional. It can be also work for which not bad pay, that is favorable business. It is better to become the professional from early age, having begun training in children's and youth sports school.

3. You go to policlinic or the sports clinic and carry out comprehensive examination of the organism. There are many contraindications for regular trainings by any kind of sport. For example, mental disorders, severe injuries of the musculoskeletal system, heart troubles, not so long ago got craniocereberal injuries, the heart attack and some other traditionally belong to them.

4. If the sport is contraindicated to you, but there are desire and aspiration to do it, then come to the office of LFK and try exercises for physical therapy under obligatory observation of the doctor. So, the people having the hypertension or stenocardia can't be engaged in power exercises and to give to the organism the big exercise stress. But at the same time it is quite possible to run and twist bicycle pedals on cardiovascular machines.

5. Consult with experts and get in sports shop all necessary for occupations, including the form and stock. Yes, to most of professionals all this is given in clubs and teams, but far not at once and only at achievement of high level of sports skill. Carefully adjust everything acquired on the figure. Correctly use and you store stock. Let's tell, carefully grease skis, you dry football boots and rewind the club the insulating tape.

6. Find near the house the suitable place for regular and full trainings: sports ground, hall or stadium. And also the coach at whom it is really possible to learn much. Register, depending on age and the level of own readiness, in section, group or school.

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