How to choose sport

How to choose sport

The aspiration is tightened to look, feel the tone quite clear. But seldom who likes to sweat for the sake of it on exercise machines. Even at the biggest motivation the monotonous movements on exercise machines quickly become boring, turning into the routine. Therefore it is necessary to think of doing concrete sport seriously. It is necessary to choose it, proceeding from the character, interest, the physical training, the ultimate goal and the opportunity to arrange the schedule under new hobby.


1. Interest. As sports are the opportunity to avoid the routine in gym, you should choose that sport which will bring only pleasure. You have to can do it, shouldn't tire too. The main thing – that you experienced only positive emotions.

2. Temperament. If you the sanguine person, then to you is the best of all to choose team sport. Think seriously of basketball, soccer or volleyball. The only problem here – to find the team of adherents. If you the melancholiac or the phlegmatic person, then hardly interests you run or big exercise stresses therefore safely choose golf, checkers, or slow driving the bicycle. If you have the explosive character of the choleric person, then to you the direct road in any extreme sport or fight.

3. Purpose. Besides the main objective to bring itself into the tone, you for certain have the purposes and more concrete. For example, if most of all you want to tighten muscles of the press and legs, then choose soccer, run. If you want to expand the thorax and to make pectoral muscles more relief, then you need to do swimming. If the purpose is to find new friends, choose team sport if it is important to you to learn to hold balance, to develop flexibility and quickness, then choose sports dances and gymnastics.

4. Physical training. Be guided by the general condition of the organism when choosing sport. In this plan the walking, gymnastics, run and swimming are universal.

5. Habits. A lot of things when choosing sport depend on what you are ready to offer for the sake of it. Whether you will be able regularly to be engaged, or you will only kick occasionally the ball or to float? Whether you will overcome addictions not to choke in the first minute of the match, or you will continue to smoke and be engaged in gluttony? All these factors will have significant effect not only on your determination to play sports, but also on real results which you will be able to reach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team