How to develop flexibility of the back

How to develop flexibility of the back

The flexibility of the back – the possibility of joints of the spine column to move in full range, is the indicator of youth and guarantee of the correct functioning not only muscles of the back and backbone, but also many internals which are tied with it. To care for the back, it is necessary to develop its flexibility constantly. It will help to keep elasticity of intervertebral disks and to compensate age changes. The complex of simple exercises will allow to achieve this objective and to keep health and youth.

1. Put the chair on the middle of the room and sit down on its edge. Set hands against the seat of the chair and slowly straighten them. Extend legs forward, move apart them on width of shoulders. Having inhaled, come off the chair, don't bend the leg. Bend the back. Exhale and return to the home position.

2. Standing facing the chair seat, recede from it one step. Rest hands against the seat, place legs as it is possible more widely, touch by floor knees, then unbend legs and get up in the home position.

3. Sit down on the floor, on the rug, bend legs in knees. The case has to touch hips. Incline the head forward, touch by the forehead of knees, hands embrace shins. Extend feet forward, sliding on the floor. Extend knees and feet, trying that the head and the case still touched legs. Extend hands as it is possible further forward, put brushes over feet. Attract foot hands to yourself, don't bend knees. Be recorded in this situation, then extend feet, unbend the case, raise hands up.

4. Kneel on the rug, rest palms against the floor. Make the breath and slowly raise the right hand and the left leg up as it is possible above. Record this situation for 5-7 seconds, you breathe randomly. Replace the hand and the leg. Try to hold on in this situation as long as possible, gradually finish delay time in this situation up to 1.5-2 minutes.

5. Kneel, set palms against the floor, straighten hands in elbows. Slowly, without tearing off palms and knees, deploy the case, kind of spinning it to the right, then repeat exercise with the turn to the left.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team