How to extend legs without operation

How to extend legs without operation

One of the integral attributes of women's beauty are long legs. As at the age of 20 years at girls growth process almost completely stops, to extend directly bones of legs by means of exercises very difficult, but it is possible to tighten buttocks, and the effect of it will be very noticeable.


1. Lay on the floor the rug for occupations, kneel and lean palms and elbows against the floor. Extend the leg back so that it formed the straight line with the back. Now raise the leg as it is possible above, at the same time last the heel, and direct the sock down. As soon as you reach the limit, strain buttocks and continue to last within 5-6 seconds. Do this exercise on three times on each leg.

2. Lay down on the rug the person up, straighten hands on the floor at the level of shoulders, bend legs in knees and put the foot on the floor. Slowly lift the basin, holding the head and hands in invariable situation. As soon as lift it up to the end, strain buttocks and be late in this situation for 5-6 seconds. Then relax buttocks and slowly lower the basin on the floor. Repeat this exercise of 6 times.

3. Lay down on the back, bend legs in knees, rest heels against the floor, and direct socks up, put hands on the floor along the trunk. Raise buttocks so that they formed one straight line with the waist. Now extend the right leg so that hips remained parallel each other. Then return it to the home position and execute the same the left leg. And so do 8 times for each leg.

4. Release before yourself space on the floor, sit down on the floor, part legs a little in the parties, straighten the back, take hands in the lock for the head and you look forward. Strain buttocks and within the minute try to move forward on them.

5. Lay down on the bed facedown so that they supported it, slightly part legs and bend them in knees. Now slowly raise the right leg up. At the same time you will strain the right buttock. Slowly lower the right leg and repeat the same left. Do exercise of 10 times for each leg.

6. Regularly perform these exercises if you want to achieve that your buttocks became tightened, and length of legs at the same time visually increased.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team