How to fight against wrinkles on the face by means of yoga

How to fight against wrinkles on the face by means of yoga

Face cream isn't always effective, and here the yoga strengthening facial muscles helps with any age. By means of the simple exercises borrowing only 10 minutes a day it is possible not only to smooth wrinkles, but also to tighten face form contours.

The woman's face grows old from below. Therefore after 30 years it is necessary to strengthen actively muscles of the mandible, the neck and the chin. For warm-up of the lower part of the person it is possible to turn the head here and there, to draw the chin circles before itself and to extend the neck. Then to cast away the head it is a little back, to push the mandible forward, the lips put in the tubule, to stretch to the ceiling and to stand. During this exercise, "dead" muscles which weakening work, can lead to formation of the second chin.

Performing exercises for the lower part of the person, you watch that the forehead didn't screw up the face.

Now put lips the small circle and put out tongue in the formed opening. Go into eyes to the ceiling and record the person in this situation for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

To prevent formation of nasolabial folds and to strengthen the contour of the lower part of the person the following exercise will help. Smile "to ears", without opening teeth and without straining the muscle of cheeks and the forehead. Strain the root of language and the muscle of the mandible so as if you want to yawn with the closed mouth. At the same time slightly last the top up. Be late in the pose for couple of seconds. Repeat 10-15 times. Include such exercise in daily face care. Spread the upper lip on teeth. Put lips so as if you want to send the air-kiss. At the same time inflate nostrils, having felt tension in the lower facial muscles. With the force blow air through slightly slightly opened lips. Now collect lips in the tubule and pull in cheeks. Goggle, without raising eyebrows and without wrinkling the forehead. From outside you have to look as the surprised small fish.

It is better to perform all exercises for muscles of the person in front of the mirror – so will easier control the mimicry.

Inflate cheeks, rolling the air ball on the one hand on another and also under the upper and lower lip. Try to imitate playing the pipe. Open the mouth and stuff up on each cheek two fingers – average and index. By effort of muscles close lips, preventing themselves to close the mouth fingers. Time to be engaged in the upper part of the face came. The yoga will help to prevent formation of deep wrinkles on the forehead and to smooth "goose pads". Arrange palms on the forehead parallel to the floor. Slightly spread wide fingers, smoothing skin. Try to raise eyebrows, at the same time interfering with it hands. Remain in the same situation. Now lower eyebrows, trying to frown the forehead. Don't weaken pressure of palms, otherwise new mimic wrinkles are formed. Take notice long fingers of internal corners, and index – on external. Strongly press these two points and try to raise the lower eyelid. Don't raise the eyebrow at all and you don't wrinkle the forehead. Complicate exercise, having rolled up eyes to the ceiling. Try to close the eyes partly, having recorded the forehead and eyebrows in the motionless state. Put on the slightly opened eyes on the little finger, having slightly raised upper eyelids. Try to close eyes, interfering with it fingers. Be attentive, it is necessary to close eyes only by means of the movement of upper eyelids down, but without blinking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team