How to gain weight and to pump up muscles

How to gain weight and to pump up muscles

Competently made food allowance gives the opportunity to put "on use" nutrients which will help to gain weight. Performance of physical exercises will promote inflating of muscles.


1. Visit of gym will give the chance to muscles grow if the volume of the consumed calories as muscles need "construction material", and all organism – energy for intensive training is increased. Include enough protein and carbohydrates in the diet if you want to gain weight and to make muscles rolled. The standard daily rate of calories calculated on people of the normal physical build should be increased by 3 times if you are exposed to the exercise stress.

2. The balanced food isn't less important, than high-calorie. Increase the protein share in food to 30%, don't forget to include fatty acids and plain carbohydrates in the diet.

3. Use complex carbohydrates prior to the training, energy is released from them not at once. Meal for the hour prior to the occupations will give you the chance to go to the training with the "easy" stomach that will create favorable conditions for the set of weight and will help the organism to supply with energy of the cell of muscles.

4. Think that different nutrients are digested differently. Use separately proteins and carbohydrates with fats, proteins need acidic environment of the stomach, and carbohydrates and fats reduce its acidity. Eat according to the schedule, then the gastric juice will begin to be developed in advance, it will increase comprehensibility of proteins and will promote typesetting of weight.

5. As muscles consist for 75% of water, and during the training it leaves with then, it is necessary to fill these losses. It isn't necessary to drink sweet sparkling water, it badly affects the stomach. Minerals are more difficult acquired by the organism therefore clear usual water best of all will approach, it is necessary to drink it so much how many it demands your organism. After the training it is useful to drink the carton of milk, it contains about 30 g of protein which is acquired for once.

6. To gather and keep the weight and muscle bulk, it is necessary to receive vitamins, macro - and miroelement. To pump up muscles, calcium is necessary, to joints vitamins A, C and E are necessary, for bones – D3 vitamin. Receive the vitamin complex with keeping of all of substances necessary to the organism and refuse intake of chemical medicines to keep health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team