How to gain weight to the man

How to gain weight to the man

Men try to gain weight due to accumulation of own muscle bulk. To carry out it it is difficult. It is recommended to visit for a start the doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences of change of the lifestyle. The man should change the food allowance, to add intensive loadings, to increase rest time.


1. The main construction material of which muscles - protein consist. Means, for extension of muscles it is necessary to increase consumption of proteinaceous food. The large number the squirrel contains in fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, cereals, vegetables, bean.

2. The set of weight and formation of muscles requires energy. It is formed in the organism of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are simple and difficult. Simple promote accumulation of weight, but not muscular, but fat, and contain in confectionery, ice cream, sugar, etc. Complex carbohydrates which contain in cereals and vegetables are necessary for growth of muscle bulk.

3. Growth of muscle bulk is impossible in the organism which works incorrectly. Vitamins and minerals which contain in fruit, vegetables, meat, cereals, milk and its derivatives enough and also fats are necessary for it for harmonious work. They are necessary for the organism, but not each fat product is useful. Eat sea fish, dairy products, vegetable oils, avoid to consume fat meat.

4. Intensive trainings will help to gain weight to the man. It is better to use services of the coach. At impossibility to train under the leadership of the skilled person, it is necessary to remember that the exercise stress has to last not less than an hour. Occupations it is necessary to carry out 3 times a week. Loading needs to be increased gradually. In 0.5-1 hour the meal, the containing squirrel and complex carbohydrates follows.

5. Let's the organism have a rest. In this regard it isn't necessary to arrange daily trainings. The dream has to make not less than 8 hours a day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team