How to gain weight without exercises

How to gain weight without exercises

In spite of the fact that many girls are concerned about the ideal weight and watch to gathering extra kilos, is also such which seek to gain weight and to get rid of excessive leanness. The simplest decision is the regular visit of the gym and power exercises. But sometimes there is no opportunity to be engaged in regular trainings. It is possible to gain weight and without exercises, but It should be notedIt should be noted that the weight which you will gain by means of these methods will be mainly fat weight.


1. Reconsider the diet. Enter into it products with the high caloric content and content of proteins. Eat not less than three times a day. Try to think over dishes beforehand. The first has to be prepared on the broth concentrated meat. Second courses have to include meat too — pork, beef, chicken fillet.

2. Gradually increase portions. Excessively thin people, as a rule, eat a little and irregularly. Always have densely breakfast, it is desirable milk porridge and cheese sandwich. Remember that first you will feel discomfort from such plentiful and various food, but this feeling will pass as soon as your organism gets used to such amount of food. Regularly eat the salads filled with olive or any other vegetable oil.

3. Eat as often as possible. For example, between the main meals you can make several having a snack. It can be muesli, yogurts, nuts, the sweet or dried fruit.

4. Remember that strong increase in volume and caloric content of food can cause unpleasant pains or gripes. For this reason try to raise number of the calories used by you approximately for 1000 a day and no more.

5. If you seek to gain weight, then drink as much as possible milk, kefir and other products with the increased fat content. If all your efforts are directed to accumulation of muscle bulk, then buy dry milkshakes which contain proteins, vitamins and cellulose.

6. Excessive leanness can sometimes be the consequence of the metabolic disorder. Remember that alcohol and smoking just are also those factors which have negative effect on metabolism. If you want to gain weight, then refuse addictions.

7. Remember that if you want to gain muscular weight and to take beautiful shape of the body, then you are obliged not only to eat respectively, but also to be engaged in physical exercises as it is the only way to turn fat weight into muscular.

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