How to gather in the stomach and thighs

How to gather in the stomach and thighs

The slim figure attracts the interested all eyes of men. To become the admiration venue for the opposite sex, girls are ready to exhaust themselves with diets, to swallow of tablets for weight loss. But will help to gather in the stomach and to do legs tightened usual daily exercises.

Exercises for legs

Get up about the back of the chair or any other support, adhere the left palm for it. At the exhalation raise the right leg over the floor and attract the knee to yourself. On the breath lower foot in initial situation. Execute this movement 20 times. Then repeat exercise the left leg. Former situation. Raise the right foot over the floor, pull the sock to yourself. With the exhalation direct the leg forward and up, on the breath lower it. Further at the exhalation take away the leg as much as possible to the right and up, on the breath return foot to the floor. And the following instep on the exhalation - back and up. Do exercise of 20 times. Repeat the left leg most too.

Get up, you hold feet next to each other, weave fingers into ""lock"", extend hands before yourself. On the exhalation sit down, slightly incline the case forward, hold the back straightened. Make the breath and get up. Execute squats 20 times.

Widely place legs, develop socks in the parties, hands arrange before yourself. At the exhalation bend the left knee and transfer weight to this leg. Execute rise on the breath. Repeat lunge of 9 more times. Then perform exercise the right leg. Lay down on the back, extend hands in the parties, raise legs, straighten them in knees. Take the right leg aside, lowering it as it is possible closer to the floor, make the breath. At the exhalation return it to the former position.

Exercises for the stomach

Get up, put palms on the stomach. Make the breath the stomach, try to inflate it at the same time as much as possible. Execute the sharp exhalation and pull in press muscles in yourself. Do exercise for the minute. At you the head can begin to spin. In this case sit down or lay down on the back to have a rest a little. Sit down, lean behind the back on forearms, bend knees and lift feet. On the exhalation straighten the right knee and extend the leg over the floor. With the breath return it to the initial position. Then perform operation the left leg. It is necessary to repeat exercise not less than 15 times. Lay down on the back, straighten legs, extend hands behind the head. On the exhalation reach for hands forward, raise the case a little, up raise the left leg. At the breath lay down on the floor. Perform exercise 20 times, serially using one, other leg.

Additional loading for weight loss

Except exercises the run, swimming, driving the bicycle quickly will help to get rid of the stomach and excess fat on hips to you. If it is difficult to you to organize similar leisure, try to carry out daily loading in the form of jumps on the place or through the jump rope.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team