How to increase kick speed

How to increase kick speed

For increase in speed of kick it is necessary to make certain additional efforts during the trainings. It is important to carry out technically correctly kick, to have the developed muscles and sheaves, to be weakened at the attack.

Masters of martial arts and professional boxers can brag of the fast and biting kick capable to put the opponent out of action for several minutes. It is considered that the similar speed of work of hands and legs is acquired perennials the trainings repeating several times a week. This is trueThis is trueThis is true, but if to place emphasis only on kick speed, it is possible to improve considerably for several weeks the indicators.

Force and speed kicks aren't always compatible

If you do bodybuilding, it will hardly turn out to increase kick speed considerably. The fact is that at "musclemen" muscle fibers are pulled together and can't quickly work. Due to increase in weight the sharpness is lost. Of course, there are athletes who can carry out fast kicks, but they practiced boxing, or other martial arts earlier. The muscle memory helps to use the developed technique and speed. However it will be possible to increase high-speed indicators hardly.

Besides, during the rating of muscles, sheaves which have the important role at striking a blow are scored. Therefore if decided to increase kick speed, stop to drag iron. Be engaged with the weight better, but here too it is necessary to consider some nuances. At pulling up and push-up of the movement it is necessary to do sharp, with the same sharp exhalation as if when straightening (push-up), bending (pulling up) of hands you strike the blow.

Additional exercises

Technology of kick is important for increase in speed of kick. If the kicking or the hand is made correctly, then daily repetitions will help to increase speed. At the same time it is important to present the hand which is thrown out for kick in the form of the kernel attached on the cable. The hand is the cable, and the fist – the kernel. Surely both hands, and legs at the time of kick have to be weakened and revert quickly to the original state. Additional inertia of return of the leg and hand will give speed back. The constant sparring with the partner helps to develop reaction. It concerns both the speed of perception of the situation, and ability to avoid attack, and striking blows speed. Practice of fight will gradually increase force and speed. Performance of kicks with dumbbells in hands or weighting compounds standing helps to save up explosive power which is always necessary for increase in speed and the shot power. Exercises can be performed only after good warm-up, concentrating on each separate kick. It is important to pay attention to the postural pose. If it is steady, then kick will be more powerful. When the body is unstable, it is a lot of force and inertia leaves on recovery of balance. Work with pear at fragmentary pace. Fulfilling kicks on pear, it is possible to change pace from the average to maximum. At the same time the maximum pace sticks to 10-15 seconds then again we pass to average speed. So the sharpness and explosive power increases. It is important to know! Speed of kick can be developed in case muscles are well trained, and technology of kick is put.

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