How to learn fighting art

How to learn fighting art

Many seek to seize any given martial art, having watched effective action movies with the famous actors. Practice of single combats not such simple as it is shown on TV screens. Nevertheless, for the certain term it is possible to achieve excellent results.

It is required to you

  • - Sportswear;
  • - gym;
  • - apparatuses;
  • - gloves;
  • - grants.


1. Set the object in training in martial arts. Many beginners, coming to classes in any given martial art, up to the end don't understand the reasons for this purpose. There are such popular oriental martial arts as karate, ju-jitsu, to nyat-us. All of them serve the different purposes and aren't always applicable in real combat conditions. Decide that it is necessary for you first of all: to stand for itself on the street or to learn to carry out beautiful movements. The choice of single combat will depend on it.

2. Decide on the direction which you want to develop. Watch video in network about advantages and shortcomings of any given martial arts. Choose to what at you soul lies more. You shouldn't listen to people around and to arrive as it is necessary for them. Wonder about whether you will develop and derive pleasure from process of occupations?

3. Buy the special form for trainings. There is usually enough kimono, sports trousers, shorts, shirts. If gloves are necessary, get projectile and fighting at once. Everything depends on the type of fight. In some martial arts it isn't necessary to put on we send, neither gloves, nor other defense.

4. Find the mentor or the good grant. In network it is possible to download the set of different courses and offers on trainings in the field of martial arts. It is possible to be engaged, of course, on them and alone. But in this case it will be unclear whether you have the progress or not whether you do everything correctly or not as it is necessary. Only the skilled coach can answer these questions objectively, looking at your actions from outside. You don't hurry and spend a little time for search of the good teacher. It is worth it.

5. Register in the gym hall and start trainings. At the first stages 3 times a week that the body got used to loadings are enough to be engaged. Then increase the number of occupations, coordinating everything with the coach. Don't worry if something is impossible, – it is normal. The main thing, soberly to estimate the skills at each stage and to move ahead further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team