How to learn to float under water

How to learn to float under water

The time difference of stay of people under water depends on as far as the person is oxygenated. To tell more precisely, the person can't be oxygenated, only blood cells possess this stock. Therefore to spend more time under water, the person has to try to reduce the oxygen consumption. It is possible to make it, having weakened work of the brain. Most of professional swimmers during swimming in general tries not to think as our brain because of the size spends a lot of oxygen.


1. The following that you have to know before immersion, is that the movements of your body have to be reduced to the minimum. Don't think that if you flounder stronger, then you will quicker float, in that case you will quicker emerge or in general will go to the bottom.

2. Floating under water, you have to do only fluent movements, thus kind of cutting water hands. Legs also have to move smoothly and not really quickly.

3. Very large role is played by the condition of your body. Plunging under water, you have to relax a little, and after to begin to move extremities smoothly.

4. For the first occupations of swimming under water the ideal option is the pool. There you will feel safe and will be able to perform with ease the following exercise for beginners.

5. Keep in mind that before that to float under water, you have to learn to dive. Otherwise you only complicate the task.

6. Approach the side and undertake it one hand then plunge under water. At first learn to work correctly legs and to restore breath. Having plunged under water, make six serial foot movements then you can come up. Further complicate the task and do till 8-12 repetitions. After learn to work legs, release the side, put hands exactly before yourself and on sequence you part them in the parties as though you want to move apart waves. For a start also carry out 6 arm movements. Gradually increasing the number of exercises, you will achieve what was wanted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team