How to learn to stand on hands

How to learn to stand on hands

If you want to learn to stand on hands, be ready to trainings because without them anywhere. This element is widely used in workout, parkour, gymnastics, yoga and other directions of sports activity. Before the trainings think: "Why you aren't able to stand on hands yet and what disturbs you?". Let's consider the theoretical part of training in standing at hands.


1. Many beginners are afraid to become straight, and the first mistakes proceed from here: hands are placed too widely and bent, shoulders and the stomach are exposed back. The person doesn't represent yet what happens with his legs therefore at first it is necessary to concentrate on calculation of the center of gravity.

2. On the head it is possible to keep balance in the standing position, resorting to the help of muscles. However, not at all hands are rather strong to hold the body in the vertical position. Besides, some beginners morally demotivate themselves, representing standing on hands technically and physically difficult exercise.

3. Take the first step to the success, having understood one simple truth: it is only that the center of gravity was located strictly under the support more than nothing necessary for the beautiful handstand.

4. There is quite simple situation for the handstand which is called "Candle". In this case it is easy to hold the center of gravity over the support. Tuck the stomach in and try not to remove shoulders forward. Place hands on width of shoulders or a little already and try not to bend them. The support is better for those, than hands pryamy.

5. After you dealt with hands, deal with the stance. Here couple of options: Rest against the floor hands from the sitting position. Then make a start from the floor legs, throwing them up. The second option – also rest against the floor hands, but already from the standing position. Then make a start from the floor the left leg and shower the right leg for the head. At the same time try not to bend legs.

6. And here when you already learn to stand "candle", you will need to be improved further, perfecting balance. It is for this purpose very convenient to bend legs in knees. Bending legs, you increase stability due to decrease in the center of gravity. Besides, your body gains big compactness. You aren't afraid to fall any more and don't think of it as legs are in situation, already ready to falling. And in completion it will be more convenient to you to go on hands, to be wrung out and concentrate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team