How to lift the jump

How to lift the jump

With growth of popularity of such sports as streetball and parkour, importance of the good jump increased considerably. It is difficult to imagine the traceur who isn't able to jump well up from the place. However very few people own this talent by nature. Not to redden before companions, it is worth training well the muscles which are responsible for the powerful push with legs.

It is required to you

  • - post;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - step platform 30 cm high;
  • - gymnastic bench.


1. Bend legs in knees and undertake the post the upper grip. Place hands a little more widely than shoulders. You hold the back directly. Get up. Rise has to happen not at the expense of waist tension, and due to pushing out by legs. Record the stance for two seconds and return back. Make two approaches on 6-8 repetitions.

2. Take dumbbells and lower hands along the case. Sit down on hunkers, you hold the back directly. Sharply push out yourself and jump up as it is possible above. Land on halfbent legs not to injure joints. Make three approaches till 10-12 of jumps.

3. Get up facing the gymnastic bench. Raise hands, then take away them back as if raising. Cave in in the case and sit down. Throw out hands forward and the sharp push jump on the bench. Go down on the floor. Make 6-8 jumps.

4. Undertake the post the upper grip and put it behind the head on shoulders. Slightly bend knees. Bending the back, bend forward until the corpus becomes parallel to the floor. Return to the home position. Repeat 8 times.

5. Get up so that the platform was located between feet. Make half-squatting and jump on the platform at the same time two legs. Slightly jump up and the jump return to the home position. Try not to make pauses between jumps and to accurately control the landing moment. Make 3-4 approaches till 10-12 of repetitions.

6. Lunge and get up on the platform the right leg, bend the left leg in the knee. Lower hands freely, help to keep them balance. Sharply jump up at the expense of hip muscles up. In the top point of the jump change legs. Now on the platform there is the left leg. Without making pauses, be again pushed out and change in the leg jump. Control the landing moment, try not to jump out highly. Execute 4 approaches on 10 jumps.

7. Put the dumbbell to the right of the platform at distance of 60-70 cm. Get up to the left of the platform sideways. Jump over it, having made a start two legs. Having landed, sit down take the dumbbell in the hand and jump through the platform back. Shift burdening in the left hand and put it on the floor. Jump over the platform. Return back. Again lift the dumbbell and jump through the platform with the weight. Perform this exercise without stoppages within 30 seconds at fast pace. Make three approaches, rest between approaches - 30 seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team