How to pacify the appetite

How to pacify the appetite

The main enemy of the good figure – appetite. Today many people eat much more necessary for them, at the same time giving preference to high-energy greasy food. To pacify the appetite they resort to dangerous medicines (tablets for weight loss with ephedrine, Prozac). And the stomach bandage – one of operations most demanded now after liposuction. Whether there are less drastic remedies for suppression of appetite?

1. The rule of conduct for stolomprinimy food, don't read, don't stir, you don't watch TV and be engaged still in some foreign affairs, imagining themselves the multimachine operator-tsezarem. Then there will be less chances that you will eat much more than planned. Drink the glass of tomato juice before food (but not waters!). This reception will allow to eat less at dinner. Broth of fresh parsley will perfectly beat away appetite. Approximately for about two hours. Don't miss the breakfast. And, during morning meal it is the best of all to give preference to the cooked porridges, but muesli or sandwiches which aren't filled in with milk. Carefully chew food – even semi-fluid. It not only is physiologically right, but also helps to reduce amount of the consumed food. Exclude all products from the diet that provoke emergence of appetite. The pickles, marinades, hot sauces and just pepper belong to them. Try to use less salt - at the same time and you will get rid of hypostases.

2. Color posudyschitatsya that color of ware also promotes reduction or increase in appetite. The most "unappetizing" ware are plates boring blue color. By the way, food of blue color also doesn't cause in most of people of the increased salivation. So, buy the blue table service and grow thin on health.

3. "Anchors" Are at night – harmfully. Replace in the sheaf "midnight hunger – the campaign on kitchen – saturation directly from the fridge" the last link with some act of self-sanction. For example, painfully give a flick to yourself. Couple of days of such exercises – and desire to be supported in the middle of night at you will be gone.

4. AromaterapiyaAromata of essential oils – the great way to pacify appetite. Mint, cinnamon, the basil, vanilla, laurels, the lemon, the sage, the lavender, rosemary belong to the aromas quashing feeling of hunger. Get the bottle of essential oil of one of these plants, and smell every time as want to eat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team