How to play volleyball

How to play volleyball

In the world there are a lot of admirers of volleyball. It is interesting not only to spectators and professional players. Thanks to the availability, at the amateur level in volleyball play millions of people. To beginners there will be useful recommendations of how to play volleyball.

In volleyball play in the platform 9 m wide and 18 m long. Professional platforms always are in the enclosed space whereas fans can play also on open. Restriction for professionals is caused by the fact that easy volleyball the ball at wind weather can strongly change the direction of the flight. The volleyball court is in half divided by the goal net which height is for men - 2.43 m, and for women: 2.24 m. The platform is divided into six zones, in each of which there is one player.

Game purpose

Two teams consisting of 6 people settle down everyone on the half. The purpose of the game consists in need to force the ball to concern the floor on the platform of the opponent, or to force the ball out out of borders of the platform from contact of the opposing player. At the same time the advantageous point is added. Having scored 25 points, the team wins the set. The match continues until one of teams wins 3 sets. The maximum duration of the match - 5 sets. In the deciding 5th set of team play up to 15 points.

Game subtleties. The player who is carrying out cross of the ball tries to complicate it to such an extent to force the opponent to be mistaken - or the ball will concern the floor, or receiving will be mistaken and will send the ball to the out. Then to the won team the point is set off and the server continues the business. The party taking the ball can make at most 3 contacts then it has to transport the ball on the party of the opponent. If it managed to gain the point, then cross passes to it, and players of this team are displaced clockwise in the following zone. So proceeds to the prize of one of the parties of 25 points, or to overweight of one of teams in 2 points. The important component of volleyball is the block. It is put by players of the front line to prevent the opponent, to carry out the approach shot. The contact with the ball of the block isn't set off to the receiving team. To learn to play volleyball simply. Practice shows that at the game several times a week, even beginners reach quite good amateur level approximately for half a year. Besides, it is not contact sport and therefore, injuries at the game happen very seldom. But it helps to keep constantly sportswear and always to be in the tone. It is the game for people of all age and professions. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team