How to pump up a biceps: we study exercises"

How to pump up a biceps: we study exercises"

Many beginning athletes often ask questions of how to pump up a biceps in house conditions and at the same time not to use dumbbells, a bar and a horizontal bar. But without these accessories it is not so simple to make it, besides, it is impossible to make process of growth of a muscle fast without healthy nutrition.

In this article we will tell about ways of a rating of a biceps and we will give several councils and recommendations for beginners.

In anatomy it is accepted to call a biceps "a big muscle of a shoulder" or "a two-headed humeral muscle". At reduction of a biceps it is accurately looked through under skin even at people who are practically not engaged in sports trainings.

Biologically the muscle consists of two parts (heads): long and short. On an external part of a hand the long head which begins from an articulate pole (upper edge of a shovel) is located. The short head is located on an internal part of a hand and also begins with the upper edge of a shovel. The Bugristost of a beam bone is the end of slowness of both heads, in this place they merge together.

The big muscle of a shoulder serves for bending of a hand in an elbow joint. For this reason all exercises on a training of a biceps are directed to bendings/extensions of hands.

For a rating of a biceps it is possible to carry out various exercises, and it is the best of all to combine their variations. We will tell about the main methods of a training of a big muscle of a shoulder below.

So, if you want to pump over a big muscle of a shoulder by means of classical push-ups, then you need to follow the following rules:

  1. Take your time: carry out push-ups correctly and not really quickly.
  2. Have correctly a rest: between each approaches it is necessary to have a rest 1–2 minutes. Try not to do more than 7 approaches a day, and do not train every day.
  3. Control the breath: at rise — we exhale, when lowering — we inhale.
  4. Correctly put hands, otherwise in the course of push-ups you can feel sharp pain. It is the best of all to use special racks for push-ups.

Before starting serious trainings, it is necessary to test the level and to begin with simple push-ups. For a start lay down on a floor and arrange hands so that they were at the level of width of shoulders (it is possible a little more widely). Straighten a body and you look down, you have to feel the muscles. Fall down to contact with a floor breast.

Repeat these exercises in a day or two. The recommended number of approaches — 4–5, at the same time carry out till 10-12 push-ups. In such a way you will be able to prepare the body for push-ups which are completely directed to pumping of a biceps.

Whether you know? The world record by the number of push-ups from a floor (without interruption) makes 10,507 times. The citizen of Japan established it in the fall of 1980 to Yoshid's Minor. Nearly 40 years later this entry in "The book of records Ginnessa" was not changed.

Push-ups for a rating of a big muscle of a shoulder differ from classical push-ups a little. In this case hands it is necessary to have a little in a different way. Fingers of hands have to "look" at legs, that is, hands have to be developed on 180 °. At the same time an internal part of a biceps has to nestle on a body. For increase in efficiency the athletes use a special rack or usual dumbbells. When performing push-ups it is necessary to concern the lower part of a breast of a floor. Also we do not forget that elbows have to nestle on a body, but not disperse in the parties.

To bring a biceps into a tone, it is not necessary to be zealous, 2–3 times a week are enough to do push-ups. If not to give to muscles time on restoration, then they will not add in volume.

Many face such unpleasant phenomenon as delayed onset muscle soreness, usually including its the main sign of a good training and growth of muscles, however the main condition of efficiency is smooth increase in loadings.

Experts recommend to beginners to do 4 approaches on 20 push-ups. Over time it is possible to increase the number of approaches. Try not to give to a biceps of foreign loadings in day of trainings. Also eat more proteinaceous food, it is necessary for the normal growth of muscles.

If you want to pump up a biceps on a horizontal bar, but do not know how to make it correctly and effectively, then for a start study rules which are provided below, and constantly adhere to them:

  • at pullings up it is not necessary to help itself all over, all loading has to go especially on a biceps;
  • before trainings it is necessary to carry out warm-up which will prevent injuries and will warm muscles;
  • try not to be shaken on a horizontal bar, you hang quietly and exactly;
  • you breathe correctly: at relaxation of hands inhale, and at a tension — exhale; and never hold the breath.

There are 3 main types of pullings up on a crossbeam which will help you to bring a big muscle of a shoulder into a tone:

  1. The supinated pulling up by narrow hold. When performing this exercise the hands have to be located a little already width of shoulders. In the course of pullings up the chin has to rise above a crossbeam, at the same time shovels have to come down. If you have enough forces, then it is desirable to carry out pullings up to the lower part of a breast.
  2. The supinated pullings up by the average successful fellow (partial). Performance of this exercise means a delay at rise on the middle of amplitude. The successful fellow of hands has to be a little wider than the level of shoulders. When you are late in the middle of amplitude, try to bend forearms and to bring as much as possible to a clavicle horizontal bar.
  3. The supinated pullings up by the average successful fellow (full). This exercise reminds that which is described in the first point. There are only two differences: the successful fellow has to be at the level of width of arrangement of shoulders (it is possible a little more widely), and at pulling up it is necessary to touch a crossbeam by the top part of pectoral muscles.

The recommended number of repetitions for one training: 3–4 sets till 12-14 repetitions. But it is not necessary to be tightened to full exhaustion. Beginners at the first stages need to carry out so many pullings up how many they can do. Also do not train more often than 2–3 times a week, differently muscles will optimum not receive rest.

It is important! If you have rather long hands, then do not use very narrow hold during the work on a horizontal bar. In such cases there is a risk of stretching of a wrist.

When your organism gets used to loadings, they need to be increased. It is possible to hang up on itself a backpack with cargo or a special vest which adds weight. At the same time try to increase constantly the number of pullings up for one approach.

Do not forget about technology of performance, otherwise risk to get a microtrauma sharply will increase, besides, at the wrong performance of pullings up the efficiency considerably decreases. Correctly picked up day diet is also the key to success at a biceps rating on a horizontal bar.

For pumping of a biceps by means of a bar you need either an E-Z-bar, or standard. If you are going to train in house conditions, then follow these simple rules:

  1. Pick up a bar of optimum length. For comfort of training process its length should not exceed 1.5 m.
  2. Bar weight for beginners should not be too big. The most optimal variant — on edges on one pancake which weight does not exceed 1 kg.
  3. Not to get microinjuries or stretching of sinews, do easy warm-up before the trainings.

You have to control process of the trainings. Create the special diary where you will note in what days you were engaged how many you carried out sets, etc. Also note to yourself type of exercises which was carried out.

Exercises on an extension well warm muscles and train them for the forthcoming loadings.

There are 3 types of exercises on a rating of a big muscle of a shoulder by means of a bar:

  1. Bending of hands reverse grip. Take a bar and accept a standing position. You hold a back exactly, do not incline the head in the parties. At the movement the bar has to touch a breast. In the lower situation it is not recommended to unbend completely elbow joints, so you will keep bicepses in constant suspense.
  2. Bending of hands direct hold. Technology of performance of this exercise practically same, as well as in the previous case. The only difference — direct hold at which fingers of hands have to look up. For bigger efficiency it is possible to be driven into the corner. So you will block participation in process of unnecessary muscular groups.
  3. Bending of hands in an inclination. When performing this exercise it is necessary to be driven into the corner and at the same time to bend down a little forward. However the back needs to be held exactly and not to bend. Technology of performance remains usual: raising of a bar to a breast in the top situation and incomplete lowering — in lower.

Whether you know? Greg Austin Dusset is the Canadian weight-lifter, the champion of "The book of records of Ginnessa". In August, 2015 he in 1 minute managed to lift 50 times a bar which weight was 182.6 kg.

These exercises can be combined, so the efficiency will increase. For one training it is necessary to carry out 3–4 sets, in each of which to do till 8-10 bar raisings. Supplementing these exercises with trainings on a horizontal bar and push-ups, you will be able to accelerate process of a rating of a big muscle of a shoulder. But, again, do not forget about normal and timely rest.

The great number of the beginning athletes asked more than once a question of how it is correct to swing a biceps dumbbells. Actually it is easy to make it even in house conditions, it is necessary to observe only the correct technique and the mode of trainings. There are more than ten different types of exercises by means of dumbbells.

Here some of the main:

  1. Raising of dumbbells in a standing position. Put legs so that the distance between them was about 40 cm, and accept a steady position. So you will be able to concentrate on exercise and to feel work of a biceps. The dumbbell needs to be taken neutral hold and to raise to the level of the top part of a breast. Raise dumbbells on an exhalation, and lower on a breath. Try not to help yourself breakthroughs, you keep shoulders in the fixed situation. You will be able to reach maximum efficiency if awaking to carry out 4 approaches for 1 training: the first approach — warm-up (lightweight and 30 repetitions); the second, third and fourth approaches need to be carried out with a normal operating weight (2–3 kg on one dumbbell); the second calling — 12 repetitions, the third calling — 8, the fourth calling — 6. Daily occupations are contraindicated, it is necessary to train no more than 3 times a week.
  2. Bending of hands, using dumbbells, the successful fellow "hammer". This exercise will be done by your biceps most created, with formation of accurately visible peak. For performance of this exercise it is necessary to become exactly, to bend a little legs in knees. The head needs to be held raised, not to bend a back. Lift dumbbells parallel to a body, and you keep elbows and palms in the fixed situation. Bend a hand and feel reduction of muscles. After that repeat this procedure on other hand. Quantity of sets same, as well as in the previous exercise.
  3. Bending of hands, using dumbbells, on an inclined bench. This exercise will allow, besides increase in a biceps in volume, to reach its most acceptable form. The bench will help to record a back and shoulders, and thus all loading will go on a big muscle of a shoulder. For performance of such exercise it is necessary to have an inclined bench (it has to be located at an angle 45 ° in relation to a floor). Sit down on a bench at an angle and take dumbbells by means of a reverse grip. Hands at the same time need to be lowered palms forward, they need to be twisted on all arc trajectory, at the same time it is not necessary to hurry and do sharp movements. Raisings of dumbbells need to be done serially by both hands, at the same time to unbend them on the maximum amplitude that the biceps well stretched. This exercise so is carried out: at first about 8 repetitions on each of hands with a heavy weight (5–8 kg) become, and right after it (without rest) 12 more repetitions on each hand with lightweight (1–3 kg) become.

If you are engaged in house conditions, then get dumbbells which will be the most convenient during the trainings. Dumbbells on which it is possible to regulate weight will be an optimal variant. So you will be able to complicate to yourself tasks at each new training.

For achievement of acceptable effect of trainings on a rating of a biceps it is necessary to adhere to some councils and the recommendations of those people who are frequenters of the gym not 1 and not 2 years any more. Here some councils from professionals:

  1. We swing a biceps in gym. There is all necessary equipment. Besides, with the hall you will be able always to be helped by the trainer or skilled visitors.
  2. Do not load yourself long and difficult daily trainings. Doing a large number of approaches and training a biceps every day, you will not be able to achieve an acceptable result. Do no more than 3-4 approaches for 1 training and try to select the most effective (at each certain stage) the weight of a bar or dumbbell. Do not train a biceps more often than 2-3 times a week.
  3. You do not pursue unattainable result. If your companion has a biceps which is equal in a grasp to 38 cm, then it does not mean that you will be able to create to yourself the same muscles. The biceps weighing 60-70 kg can be in a grasp no more than 34 cm if weight is even less, then and the biceps in a grasp will be less. For achievement of bigger size of a grasp it is necessary to gain muscle bulk on other parts of a body.
  4. Do not forget to train muscles of forearms. If they are not pumped over, then big bicepses alone will not look harmoniously. It will break all esthetics of your body.
  5. Carry out all exercises described by us. It is not necessary to be obsessed with one type of trainings. For achievement of the maximum effect it is necessary to combine various variations of exercises. Besides, try to swing together with a biceps and a triceps.
  6. During the trainings there should not be pain in joints, it can threaten with unpleasant consequences. If you have pains, then try to reduce loadings (the weight of a bar or a dumbbell, quantity of sets, approaches, etc.)
  7. Carry out exercises technically correctly, qualitatively and fully. Try to allocate precisely time for rest and for trainings.

It is important! To strengthen a biceps after the trainings, it is regularly necessary to do exercises with a boxing bag.

Also you remember that technically correct trainings will never remain ineffectual. If something is impossible to you, or you lost motivation, then try to communicate to companions on the hall. They will always support you and will prompt what to change or correct. And if the trainer with wide sports experience is your companion, then you can consider yourself the lucky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team