How to pump up hands and the breast: councils of the coach

How to pump up hands and the breast: councils of the coach

To pump up hands and the breast, there is no need for long and wearisome trainings. Moreover, excessive and long loadings can lead to loss of muscle tissue as a result of catabolism. The correct extension of muscles assumes healthy nutrition, the set of exercises and apparatuses.


Make the food allowance so that it contained 1 g of protein on each kilogram of your current weight. Intake of protein in the organism is necessary for the subsequent accumulation of muscle bulk. Try to consume more fresh vegetables, products from whole grain, bean, low-fat meat and dairy products with the lowered fat content. Reduce consumption of the processed food to the minimum, they contain excess amount of sugar and harmful fats.

Bench press wide grip

The first exercise which will help you to build powerful muscles of hands and breast is the bench press. Exercise is performed with the load, maximum for you. Do 10 repetitions and only one approach, take the post wide grip. Calculate weight so that on the 10th repetition you felt the maximum fatigue in muscles of hands. As soon as you feel that the current weight comes to you easily, increase it by 10-15%.

Raising of the post on the biceps

Exercise raising of the post on the biceps (bending in elbows) is performed on the power bench. Sit down directly, take the post the normal grip and put it on knees. Lift the post, bending hands in elbows, don't reach the shoulder yet. You don't take away at the same time elbows for the back. Detain the post on the highest point for several seconds, then slowly return hands to the home position. Perform exercise with the maximum weight, do 10 repetitions in one approach. Add every time when you are able to carry out all 10 repetitions smoothly muscles on 10-15% of weight.

Close grip bench press

Unlike the press wide grip, this exercise allows to pump up effectively the three-headed muscles of the shoulder located behind the biceps. The principle of performance of exercise they are 10 repetitions in one approach when using the maximum weight. Weight increases by 10-15% in process of disappearance of excess fatigue of hands.

Raising of wrists

This exercise at first sight can seem ineffective, however it very well trains muscles of forearms. Get up directly, holding the post the normal grip, wrists have to be twisted outside. Lift the post, bending hands only in wrists. This exercise, as well as all others, is carried out with the maximum weight in one approach from ten repetitions. The variation of this exercise is the same raising of the post behind the back. Don't forget to increase weight gradually.

Intensity of trainings

It isn't necessary to perform all these exercises daily, surely allocate two days of rest after every day of trainings. The peak of growth of muscle bulk at the similar scheme of trainings falls on days of rest.

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