How to pump up the lower muscles of the stomach

How to pump up the lower muscles of the stomach

The beautiful tightened belt - result of persistent work. Any, facing exercises on the press, will tell you that lower muscles cause the greatest problems, especially in women (because of the natural fat layer for protection of the fruit). You shouldn't despair, there is the set of methods of work with this department of the prelum abdominale which for few months will surprise you with effectiveness.

1. The home position - lying on the back, hands are pressed to the floor on each side. You tear off straight legs from the floor, slowly raising by 30-40 cm (to begin enough with 15). Be late in such situation for several seconds, then fall to the home position. Repeat 15-20 times.

2. Lying on the back, raise legs up (in the provision "birch"). Further begin to push out them breakthroughs up. Make three approaches on 10 times. This exercise is very effective at the correct performance (you watch that loading went on the lower press).

3. The horizontal bar or any horizontal bar capable to sustain the weight of the person is necessary for the following exercise. Having hung on the horizontal bar, raise straight legs by 90 degrees. At the same time try to hold the case directly, without being crossed by the basin forward. Carry out 10-15 times.

4. The home position - sitting on the floor. Raise legs and attract them to yourself, then push away from yourself. At the same time don't rest hands neither against the floor, nor against the wall. Exercise is done "on weight". Repeat not less than 30 times.

5. Lay down on the back. At the same time, slowly and slowly, by means of muscles of the prelum abdominale lift the case and tighten to it legs. "Folding" - effective load of the press, but quite difficult performed by. It is worth starting it after two weeks of occupations when muscles are already strengthened.

6. Lay down on the floor. Bend legs in knees and lift them, put hands under the basin, raise the trunk by 20-30 cm from the floor - it is your home position. Further tighten knees of the bent legs to the head, then straighten legs. Repeat on 8 times in three approaches.

7. One more difficult exercise intended for already trained presses - run in the lying support. The home position - the lying support. Further tighten in turn knees to shoulders, moving continuously. At the same time the sock of the tightened leg needs to be supported delayed for the largest tension. Continue to perform exercise within one minute, then have a rest minute, and again start it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team