How to pump up the press and to get rid of the stomach

How to pump up the press and to get rid of the stomach

Many people have the problem in attempt to get rid of excess deposits in the stomach. To take away the undesirable tummy and to make area of the press relyefny it is possible the mass of ways, but the most effective is the combination of healthy nutrition and the exercise stress.


1. Before any exercises do careful warm-up. Its need consists in the warming up of muscle bulk of the body as when performing without preparation or after the big break you can get stretching.

2. Begin the training with easier exercises. Sit down on the sofa, rest against it hands. Without touching the floor, straighten legs before yourself. Bend legs in relation to yourself. Try that yours of the foot were always in one plane. Don't do sharp breakthroughs, perform exercise measuredly. Try to execute at least 20 repetitions. Having finished exercise, you lay down on the floor, having received situation on the back. Set the head against the sofa, adhering for its edges. Raise legs of 20 times on the corner of 90 degrees up. Without changing the postural pose, make 20 more approaches, but already carrying out the movement "velosiped".

3. Take rest no more than one minute. Lying on the back, bend legs in knees and try to reach the breast, after every time put legs back on the floor under loading. The number of repetitions depends on your preparation and fluctuates from 10 to 20. Change situation, having put legs on the sofa, at the same time the body remains on the floor. Put hands together and during 20 times reach knees. Again receive the back-lying position, rest the head against the sofa. Raise legs up, having recorded the hip joint hands. Bend legs thus as though you push out something, and then you catch.

4. Take the break lasting no more than a minute. You lay down on the floor, having thrown legs on the sofa. Take away hands for the head. Raising the trunk, carrying out the twisted movements so that the elbow of the left hand tried to get the right leg and vice versa. Perform exercises every day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team