How to pump up the press in house conditions

How to pump up the press in house conditions

Muscles of the press can be pumped up in house conditions. For this purpose special equipment isn't required. Rather regularly to perform the corresponding exercises and to correct a little the food allowance.

The program of trainings for the beautiful beefy press has to include two types of exercises: aerobic and power. Power exercises are aimed specifically at study of muscles of the press. Aerobic are directed to decrease in percent of subcutaneous fat that too is important. If there will be too much fat, beefy muscles of the press just won't be visible. If to combine both types of exercises, it is possible to achieve impressive result pretty fast. About 1-3 months depending on the initial condition of the figure are required.

The first power exercises on the press are performed then aerobic training is carried out. It can be easy jogging, fast walking, swimming, the bicycle, jumps. Power exercises on the press happen three types: on the top press, on lower and on oblique muscles. Exercises on the top press are the raising of the case from the prone position. Hands at the same time are located for the head, but don't carry out pressure upon the neck. The body has to rise only at the expense of press muscles. The bent legs stand on the floor, it is desirable to record the foot. If you want to complicate exercise, put on weighting compounds hands. They represent the cuffs filled with sand.

To work oblique muscles of the press, reach the elbow for the opposite knee. This exercise can also be done with weighting compounds. For the lower press do the following movement. Lay down on the floor, extend hands along the trunk. Raise the legs bent at right angle and attract knees to the chin. For complication it is possible to put on weighting compounds ankles. Performance of these three general exercises doesn't assume the large number of repetitions. There is enough three approaches on 20 repetitions. As soon as it becomes easy, use weighting compounds. If just to increase the number of approaches, you will make muscles just more hardy to monotonous loading.

Muscles of the press are recovered after loading quickly. It is possible to be engaged even daily without risk to cause overfatigue.

In parallel it is necessary to subject corrections the daily diet. It is worth eating small portions, but on 5-6 times a day. Such principle is called "fractional food". It allows to accelerate the metabolism and not to suffer from hunger. When the organism hungers, hormone, the destructive image influencing muscle tissue is in reply produced. For this reason it is impossible to starve if there is the purpose to achieve the beautiful muscular relief. Each meal has to contain rather full-fledged protein, a few slow carbohydrates and the minimum of fat.

After the power training try to eat something proteinaceous. Muscles will need construction material after loading.

Full-fledged protein – animal. Receive it from low-fat meat and dairy products, proteins of eggs. Slow carbohydrates contain in grain, vegetables, bran, products from coarse flour. They supply the organism with energy evenly, without sharp jumps. Also they contain cellulose which causes sense of fulness and improves work of intestines. Fats choose correct: nonsaturated. They are in vegetable oils, nuts, fish. As an alternative it is possible just to receive cod-liver oil. To absolutely exclude fats from the diet harmfully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team