How to pump up the top press

How to pump up the top press

Women try to look attractively and to keep own figure. But sometimes even slender girls complain of existence of the fat fold in area above the waist. In this case it is necessary to strengthen the exercise stress on muscles of the top press. Carry out daily the set of exercises and you will notice how gradually the waist will become more graceful.


1. Get up directly, legs arrange shoulder width apart, you hold palms on the waist. Do circular motions by the building at first in one party of 10 times, then in another the same number of repetitions. During performance of exercise try to record hips, the movement has to happen only in the waist.

2. Don't change situation, only raise hands up and link fingers in the lock. With the exhalation make bending of the case to the right, record hips. On the breath become straight. With the following exhalation bend to the left. Perform exercise on 20 times in each party.

3. Leave the home position former. With the exhalation make bending forward, cramp shovels together, locate the building parallel to the floor, you hold knees completely straightened. Record such situation for 10 seconds, at the same time you breathe quietly and evenly. On the breath become straight, take rest a little. Repeat exercise 2 more times.

4. Stand directly, bend hands in elbows and press them to the case. Make the exhalation and turn the upper body to the right, extend the left hand before yourself, you hold hips it is recorded. On the breath return to former situation. With the following exhalation turn the case to the left, extend the right hand forward. Do exercise on 15 times in each party. Speed of performance can be different. If you can quickly turn, then try to breathe evenly, but it isn't speeded up. The exercise performance speed, the more load of press muscles is higher.

5. Lay down on the back, you hold hands behind the head, bend legs in knees, the foot place on the floor. With the exhalation lift as much as possible the case over the floor. On the breath fall by the floor. Execute 30 rises. Change the postural pose a little: put the legs bent in knees on the floor to the right of yourself. Execute 30 more rises by the building. Now put legs to the left of yourself and repeat rises.

6. Sit down, bend legs in knees, the foot arrange as it is possible further from buttocks, you hold hands before yourself. On the breath deviate a little back, feel how the press strained. On the exhalation return to the initial position. Repeat exercise 20 times.

7. Leave the postural pose former, place hands before yourself, having bent them in elbows. On the breath deviate a little back, you hold the back directly. Within 2 minutes carry out turns of the case to the right-to the left, you breathe quietly. At first do exercise at fast pace, then have a little a rest. Make one more approach, but during its performance considerably slow down speed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team