How to receive the Passport of the fan of the World Cup

How to receive the Passport of the fan of the World Cup

In 2018, as we know, there will take place the FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation. That on it to get, the Passport of the fan of FIFA is necessary. Without personalized ticket for the sports event of the Championship and without Passport of the fan it is just impossible to get on one of matches. Besides, existence of the Passport of the fan gives the number of privileges to spectators of the World Cup. How to receive this document?

As, the document Passport of the Fan is reported on the official site of organizers (its second name "identifier of the fan" - FAN ID) is the main the certificate of the spectator of the forthcoming World Cup.

To pass on any of actions to each spectator of the World Cup, it is necessary:

1. To buy the personalized ticket,

2. To issue the entry because of the Passport of the fan.

What else privileges does the Passport of the fan give?

By the Passport of the fan:

  • tickets for FIFA 2018 matches in two clicks via the website are acquired;
  • free tickets for travel by trains of fans via the website are reserved;
  • foreign citizens and people without nationality are exempted from visa processing and can drive to the country for the entire period of actions of the Confederations Cup, foreign fans are given 10 days of visa-free stay before and 10 days after the end of the world tournament.

The passport of the fan is the personalized document. It is made out free of charge if you bought at least one ticket for any of World Cup games.

It is necessary to think of the document in advance. Several days on production of the document will be required.

The passport of the fan is issued in two ways:

1.      Entry because of the Passport on the website

Online the fan has to fill out the questionnaire, specify the ticket number, data of the passport of the citizen and to attach own photo. In 72 hours the document FAN ID is supported by security service. The printed-out document is issued in 10 centers of delivery in the cities of the Confederations Cup or goes by mail.

2.      Personally in one of the official centers of execution of Passports of the fan.

The addresses of places of delivery in the cities of the World Cup can be specified by number 8-800-775-2018 or on Registration in the center includes filling of the written entry, photography of the fan, verification of the identity document.

Foreign citizens will receive the Passport of the fan the mailing or in any Visa center VFS Global.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team