How to spend time in the gym with advantage

How to spend time in the gym with advantage

The gym perfectly saves not only from extra kilos, but also from bad mood. And that classes were with advantage, it is necessary to pay attention to some important points.

In what to be engaged?

Footwear has to be correct, otherwise you or won't achieve due effect of trainings, or poluyochit the trauma. For power (on power simulators) and aerobic (prodolzhiyotelny, but with average and low intensity: walking, the exercise bike, etc.) trainings trebuyotsya different footwear. Whether StoYoit in this case to pokuyopat two couples? Yes, if you intend to be engaged seriously both in that and druyogy. If you just want to pump up muscles and to improve the figure, it is possible to manage in one pair of horoyoshy sneakers with the ustoyyochivy rubberized sole. It is very important that the sole of footwear wasn't slippery and didn't leave black sleyod on the floor. Upon purchase of footwear you shouldn't take that that end-to-end even if the seller convinces you that it will stretch. NoYog have property to oteyokat, and to you will be tesyono and uncomfortablly.

With clothes business obstoyoit more simply: natural fabrics or air-permeable synthetics. UdobYonyy, not pulling together the movement, but also not tseplyayoyushchy exercise machines.

How to be engaged?

You have to have the plan of zanyayotiya, especially esyol individual work with the coach is inconvenient for you on time or on stoimoyost. In this case it is the best of all to take couple of paid lessons that the coach helped to make for you the plan. It isn't necessary to move chaotically on the hall from one osvobodivshegoyosya of the exercise machine to another. The training will be much more effective if accurately to adhere to the sequence of the set of exercises developed specially under you.

And still, though it already for certain izvestyono, but is frequent zabyvayetyosya: before pristuyopit to occupations, you vypolyonit warm-up. At the end of exercises it is good to execute the extension.

How many to be engaged?

All depends on sport. Aerobic studies with low intensity can be continued long enough, on power exercises you shouldn't allot more odyony hour (and between approaches there has to be the rest from 1 to 4 minutes). Between trainings playonirutsya to take the break in couple of days.

It is a little about the technique

Perform exercises without breakthroughs. With what speed you squat, with same and rise and also it concerns occupations on exercise machines - all exactly and smoothly. If for occupations you need stock (rugs, dumbbells, etc.), upon termination of it is necessary to put away it into place.

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