How to swing a press on bars: the best exercises

How to swing a press on bars: the best exercises

The horizontal bar and bars are those shells which can be found in each yard. Training on them, it is possible to achieve quite good sports results. Bars allow to load the lower and top parts of a stomach and, thus, to pump over a press.

Let's consider how it is necessary to train correctly and what types of exercises exist for a press.

Pluses and minuses of pumping of a press on bars

It is possible to carry the following to pluses of exercises:

  1. Movements which are carried out burn a large number of calories and also subcutaneous fat.
  2. If it is correct to carry out exercises, then it is possible to load stomach muscles not worse, than in the gym.
  3. The press will look drier and noticeable.

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Minuses from occupations:

  1. Cubes of a press look not such volume, as at those people who visit the gym.
  2. Hands from high loading can hurt.

Preparation of a body

Before a training it is necessary to make small warm-up (3–5 minutes). It becomes to warm muscles and to avoid injuries. For preparation of a body it is possible to make squats, jumps on a jump rope, trunk inclinations in different directions. It is also recommended to execute circular motions by hands and also running on the spot.

Stomach exercises

There is a set of various exercises and the technician of their performance on bars, we will consider the simplest, but at the same time the most effective of them. For bigger effect it is possible to use weighting compounds, for example, during the training to put on shoulders a backpack with something heavy inside or to use heavier footwear. Do not forget to have a rest between approaches, there will be enough 1–2 minutes.

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To execute this exercise, it is necessary to jump on bars, to strong rest hands against them, then to raise the legs bent in knees by 90 degrees. Strain muscles of a stomach and try to keep in such situation as long as possible, but be not overzealous, soberly estimate the forces. For a start it is possible to make 3 approaches, further increasing time of deduction of legs.

Important! During performance of exercise try to hold a back equal, do not cave in. It will enhance effect.

Raising of legs

Hands put emphasis on bars, legs need to try to be raised above horizontal level, and then to lower slowly down. It is necessary to hold legs exactly, but if it is heavy, it is possible to bend them in knees. Execute 3–4 approaches till 10-15 of repetitions.

Roman chair (raising of the case)

Holding hands a shell, in the beginning it is necessary to throw one leg for a bar, then — the second. Having convinced that legs keep strong, it is necessary to strain press muscles as it is possible stronger, hands can be got for the head now or to hold along a trunk, trying to lift and lower the case. Movements should be carried out slowly and to monitor breath: on a breath — to fall, on an exhalation — to rise.

Important! Later it is possible to add burdening on a back, for example, a backpack with bricks or dumbbells inside.

Bars are an excellent beginning for those who want to emphasize the press and to make it more noticeable. However, if you want muscles of a stomach to be more volume, you should register to the gym for more intensive trainings.

How to pump up a press on bars and a horizontal bar: video

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