How to throw sport

How to throw sport

Often in life of the athlete there comes such period that it becomes clear - on the certain period it is necessary to leave sport. But you shouldn't forget that the organism already got used to certain rhythms and loading. It is impossible to deprive of it sport completely, it can lead to the most harmful consequences. Therefore it is better to call process of ""leaving sport"" ""the temporary break"". How to arrange such ""break""?

It is required to you

  • Vitamins, proteinaceous food, amino acids


1. The most important components of sports progress presently - excellent physical standards and psychological stability. Besides, these factors are interconnected - without peace of mind the physical development is impossible. Therefore the decision to leave sport for a while in many cases will help to understand to you private life and career on the one hand and to regain the excellent form with another.

2. It is very important to keep exercise stresses, in any given form. If you skied much - pass to amateur run and luge. Loadings don't concede previous, but change of occupation will bring the mass of the variety in your life. Fill it with communication with interesting people, become the coach at children's school. Communication with children will bring the mass of bright paints in your life. Besides, children respect professional athletes - and it will add to you confidence in the forces.

3. Difference between professional sport and physical education with its trainings "" are essential "for themselves": the sport, especially in its highest manifestations, is rather harmful, than is useful to health. Therefore the temporary timeout, at the correct approach, will improve your physical state. One of the major the component ""on vacation"" - the correct diet. Find for food more time than earlier. If before the fir-tree in sports dining rooms also ate the ""underfoot"" forage - you go to restaurants and cafe with pleasant people more often. The main thing - to keep proteinaceous balance normal - eat more meat, eggs, dairy products. Such proteinaceous diet will allow you to be at peak of the form for a long time.

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