How to tighten muscles on the face

How to tighten muscles on the face

Everyone faces the skin aging problem sooner or later. Except surgical tightening, so-called "injections of beauty" and various creams there is the safe way to return to the person freshness and youth – the feysbuilding (gymnastics for face muscles).


1. Perform at first the warming exercises. Get up directly and incline the head to the shoulder to the right and to the left, and then spin the head clockwise of the arrow and against. Start to exercise for strengthening of muscles of the chin and the jaw. Touch with tips of long fingers corners of lips. Slowly in the smile stretch mouth corners. Strain muscles of the chin and the lower lip, say the sound "and-ii", be late for 6 seconds and also slowly return to the initial state. Repeat exercise 3 times. Then relax muscles and deeply inhale.

2. Delay the chin fingers down, and strain the lower lip and pull to upper teeth. For fight against the second chin both hands press and delay the chin down, and strong rest language against the sky. You have to feel resistance of muscles of the chin.

3. Perform exercises for strengthening of muscles of cheeks. Cast away the head a little back and you hold it directly. Three fingers delay the cheek down at the same time strain muscles, resist tension and pull the cheek up in the smile. To strengthen the lower muscles of the cheek, place the thumb for the cheek to the lower gum and pull the cheek from within. And face muscles tighten the cheek back to teeth.

4. Delay average and anonymous fingers external corners of eyes to ears. Eyes have to be closed. Strain muscles and resist the skin tension. Fingertips delay skin under eyes and try to close eyes. Count to six and relax.

5. Clasp the head with hands that thumbs turned out on the nape, and index on the forehead. Shift skin to the center of the forehead, raise eyebrows and be late in such situation for 6 seconds. Place small pillows of long fingers in the center of eyebrows. Pull skin up, and at the same time frown eyebrows. And then repeat exercise on the contrary – fingers pull skin down, and raise eyebrows up.

6. Push the chin forward, at the same time cast away the head back and pull in lips and slowly smile. You are in such condition of 5 seconds, and then relax. Repeat exercise 3 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team