How to warm up before the training

How to warm up before the training

Sport – occupation not for lazy. That the physical activity was effective and useful, it is necessary to observe some nuances. For example, warm-up before the training which not only will adjust muscles on occupation is very important, but also will save from injuries.

1. Performing warming-up exercises, you is guaranteed you will increase efficiency of the training, you will make muscles more flexible and elastic, improve coordination, you will accelerate metabolism and you will raise the tone of nervous system due to short-term increase in level of adrenaline. Besides you will be warmed and it will be more pleasant to you to perform power exercises. All this promotes the most useful occupations by sport.

2. Professional athletes do warm-up within half an hour. For amateur beginners there will be enough 15 minutes to warm up muscles. In general, be guided by reaction of the organism – as soon as there are first drops of sweat, it is possible to pass to the main loading. Usually warm-up before the training is carried out on descending – from head muscles to legs.

3. Full warm-up consists of three parts – the general and specialized warm-up and also the hitch. Jumps on the jump rope belong to the first part, run, easy stretching, driving the bicycle, walking on the ladder, swimming, boxing, bendings forward and in the parties, hung on the horizontal bar, stretching exercises of the internal and external part of hips – the camel pose, "butterfly", the tiger pose, swings. The second part of warm-up includes the facilitated option of power exercises from your complex which are performed at half strength. At first they need to be carried out with lightweight, but bigger number of times. Then it is necessary to increase weight, but to reduce number of repetitions. The hitch means the extension of target muscles. For example, if today you train the lower body, stretch hips and calves. If top – carry out stretching for shoulders, the neck, hands and sides.

4. Beginning to perform warming-up exercises, intensively move within 5-10 minutes. In sport it is better for beginners to train with the pulsomer. The pulse rate at warm-up shouldn't be lower than 95 beats per minute and not higher than 110 kicks. Be not overzealous with the first part of warm-up that there were forces on the main loading. If you train in the cool room, put on the temperature-controlled uniform and increase warm-up time for the third.

5. When stretching it is necessary to perform exercises smoothly, being late in each pose for 10 seconds. Don't try to stretch out if you never before it tried. The problem of the extension to increase flexibility of muscles, but not to tear ligament. You aren't lazy to do warm-up, and you will notice that the endurance and thirst for sport grow from occupation to occupation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team