Human chain of history of yoga

Human chain of history of yoga

The yoga is one of ancient ways of knowledge. Through consciousness of the yogi carries out self-knowledge, and through self-knowledge – knowledge of the world.

Over time educational practice brings wisdom. Time when around the people going on the way of self-knowledge and knowledge of wisdom pupils who in most cases call the mentors "gurus" gather comes. Gurus call tutors, mentors and spiritual heads. The guru and their followers gathered in "ashkhrama", the closed communities, in buildings of type of monasteries, lived there and studied. Such places become venues for the pilgrimage.

The yoga became known among the indigenous Dravidian people of the peninsula of Hindustan since matriarchy. Aryan tribes brought patriarchy and the rigid caste system on the peninsula. There was the merge of cultures and traditions. The initial yoga was transformed according to new ideological installations and moral standards. Followers of yoga often refused all material benefits. They followed the guru or spent the days alone and practised.

Since ancient times of yoga, along with search of the spiritual enlightenment in all the affairs, sought for strengthening of the health and improvement of the body. There can be on the way of spirit only the healthy person. To this day the situation didn't change. And presently many people perceive yoga as the way of spiritual and physical development. The infinity the yoga carries out communication between generations. The master gave knowledge to the pupil, and the pupil, turning into the master, passed on the experience to new pupils. The live chain lasting through times was so formed.

The yoga came to the West from India at the beginning of the XX century and quickly became the popular improving rule, both in Europe, and in America. Presently vast majority of people use applied, improving aspect of yoga. And it for many is the most effective way of maintenance of health. The feature of poses of yoga consists in their deep impact on internals and exchange and regulatory processes. At the people practicing it the immunity increases, work of the gastrointestinal tract improves, aging processes slow down. 

Practice of yoga doesn't demand expensive constructions and at the same time serves as means of physical, moral and spiritual improvement that isn't present in one other system. The yoga is the option of improving rest, most widespread in the world, now. People saw in it one of the most effective ways of restoration of internal energy and vital force.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team