Rates on sport: types and interpretation of bookmaker designations

Rates on sport: types and interpretation of bookmaker designations

One of the most popular options of the investment of money at hazardous people are, certainly, rates on sport. Players have the opportunity to earn thus, having addressed to bookmaker office. Monetary charges in case of the prize are counted by analysts of such institutions and directly depend on the type of the rate.

Can seem to beginners of the rate on sport because of abundance of their versions and also mass of specific terms the real dark. To the hazardous people who decided to begin to earn in this way, first of all, certainly, it is necessary to understand various schemes and designations of similar rates.

Main designations 

The number of traditional and simplest rates is available in one and all bookmaker offices. It is possible to carry to those, for example, rates for the match outcome:

  • X, working at the draw;
  • P1 passing at the prize of the team which is the nominal host of competitions;
  • P2, working at the victory of the team of guests.

Also in bookmaker offices can be staked on the double outcome:

  • 1X — the victory of team owner or the draw. In this case the rate doesn't work only at loss of guests.
  • 2X — the victory of away team or the draw. Respectively, the player won't receive money at loss of owners.
  • 12 — the double rate losing at the draw. Such rate only at the victory of one of teams works.

Of course, players if desired at any time can stake also on exact result of the game.

Special strategy

Some unique rates are available not for all bookmakers. For example, odds or the handicap are the rate with initial advantage. Use its bookmaker offices when two teams meet the big divergence of forces.

To equal chances of opponents, the bookmaker can take away points from the favourite or on the contrary give odds to the outsider. Respectively, and the odds can be minus or plus and be designated by F1 () or F2 () where its value is specified in brackets (+1,-1 etc.).

In certain cases players can stake and on totat that is on number of the heads — divings, yellow cards, sets and so forth. Designations at the same time are received such:

  • TB(H) — will be made, won, scored the heads more, than X;
  • TM(X) — in of course result of the heads will be scored less, than X.

For X in this case any number can be received.


Options of rates in bookmaker offices there are several dozen. At the same time everything them can be divided into two big groups:

  • live-rates;
  • game on the line.

In the latter case are staked prior to the game. With approach of this moment the line is closed. In the live mode the player has the right to stake including on the course of competitions.

Types on events

Are classified by this sign of the rate on:

  • normal levels;
  • expresses;

In the first case the player stakes only on one event. At the game in the mode the express several single events unite in the basket with multiplication of coefficients. Rates of this version pass when all single events of group are true.

The system by the form reminds the same express. In this case single rates also unite. But in such mode it isn't obligatory for player to guess all events.

For example, for pass of system 4/5 the prize is provided by 4 rates from 5. If 5 of 5 rates work final calculation is made with use of slightly smaller coefficient, than in the mode the express. With reduction of quantity of last rates the prize sum will also fall.

Ways of management of bank

The strategy of distribution of money at rates for sport by players it can also be applied a little. For example, beginners in the game often use the fixed percent from bank. The essence of this method consists in need of determination of concrete percent of the bank allocated every time at the rate.

After each outcome at application of such technique, depending on the changes happening in bank, the sum of the rate is recalculated. The main plus of this way is first of all that at its use it is completely almost impossible to lose bank.

At skilled players more widespread technique of management of bank is the fixed rate or flet. In this case the player chooses for himself the constant sum of the rate and in the subsequent adheres only to it. For example, if the sum of bank is 20 thousand rubles on each of ten matches it is possible to take away 2 thousand.

Several useful tips

Rates on sport often allow participants to win big money. However loss in this case — business, certainly, also quite possible. In order to avoid loss of means, skilled players advise beginners first of all to follow the following rules:

  • Not to hurry with the choice of bookmaker office. Previously it is worth getting acquainted with reviews of the institution and to read reviews of popular analysts.
  • Not to use at the beginning expresses. Beginners in such mode of rates, and in particular when choosing the large number of events, often remain in loss.
  • Not to put for broke. Absolute rates, unfortunately, don't exist. Often it happens even so that there doesn't take place the event with coefficient 1.01.
  • Not to trust blindly coefficients. For example, if in the line the coefficient on team is given 1.15, it doesn't mean at all that it is the favourite.

Also beginners should be afraid of swindlers. In rates on sport there is such concept as the fixed match. In this case the certain circle of players knows the outcome of competitions in advance and with guarantee receives the prize.

And swindlers can use desire of the beginner to earn at once and many not too honest methods. For example, sometimes it happens so that on the Internet the fixed matches are on sale for 1000 rubles.

Of course, the player who agreed to such offer with the absolute share of probability will be deceived and will lose the money. Actually fixed matches cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars and are available to very narrow circle of rich players.

Well and of course, staking on sport, it is worth following also standard rules of games on money. That is not to recoup, and to earn, disconnect passion and so forth. Finally, the player who decided to gain some income from rates on sport, certainly, will need to develop also own stable successful strategy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team