Respiratory gymnastics of yogis

Respiratory gymnastics of yogis

Yoga in the narrow meaning of words - one of the main philosophical schools of Hinduism. In fact it represents set physical, spiritual and psychological the practician. Thanks to efficiency of yoga, even superficial immersion in these of practice can improve quality of life considerably.

One of the key moments in yoga occupations - the correct breath. Without it the yoga turns into the complex of physical exercises, enough dangerous in case of the wrong performance. Breath needs to pay attention maximum at the beginning. It should be notedIt should be noted that if you have no time for full-fledged occupation, it is possible to replace only it with respiratory gymnastics which can be carried out during the day free minutes. Breathing exercises contribute to the development of respiratory muscles, expansion of the thorax, activate the metabolism and in case of regular performance such, for example, as the oksalaturiya, the excess weight or atherosclerosis can cure some diseases connected with the metabolic disorder.

The word "yoog" came from the Sanskrit word "yodzh" or "yudzh" that means "harness", "unification", "restraint".

Medical restrictions for the beginning yogis

Before you begin to do breathing exercises, be convinced that you have no following problems with health:

- organic damages of heart; - craniocereberal injuries and their consequences;

- inflammation of the brain and its consequence; - blood diseases (thromboses, leukemia, thrombophlebitises, the broken acid-base balance); - the increased intra cranial pressure; - defects of the diaphragm; - pneumonia; - acute inflammation of internals. Breathing exercises can't be performed after the performed thoracic and band operations, at least until disappearance of solderings and also during sharp neurotic states and vegetososudisty dystonia. You shouldn't practice yoga at strong fatigue, with high temperature, during plentiful and painful monthly and when overheating. These exercises are also contraindicated to pregnant women till second month of pregnancy.

Main respiratory techniques of yogis

Cleaning dykhaniyeeto general exercise which is performed for clarification of respiratory tracts or if necessary to restore the brought-down breath.1 rhythm. Get up directly, hands are lowered along the trunk, the leg approximately shoulder width apart. 2. Gather as much as possible air in lungs.3. Without holding the breath, gradually, sharp pushes exhale, stretching lips in similarity of the smile. Don't inflate the cheek. The body during the exhalation has to be the most intense - palms are compressed in fists, legs are straightened, the body is picked up. 4. Repeat the cycle before complete recovery of breath. Delay dykhaniya1. Get up directly. 2. Inhale as it is possible more deeply, feel how lungs.3 finish. Hold the breath for the greatest possible time.4. Open the mouth and it is elastic, about pressure exhale. 5. Execute "cleaning breath". In yogichesky practice it is considered that breath holding helps all body - from digestive organs to nervous system. Regular performance is capable to transform completely the organism, to make him healthy. Yogis consider treatment breath holding the panacea. Activation legkikh1. Get up directly, having lowered hands along the body.2. Make very deep and slow breath.3. When there is the feeling of overflow of lungs, hold the breath and begin to knock accurately up to the breast open palms. 4. On the long exhalation pat up to the breast finger-tips. 5. Execute "cleaning breath". It is very effective equipment for activation of the cages absorbing oxygen, however, it should be carried out very accurately. At the first symptoms of dizziness it is necessary to finish immediately performance of exercise and to have a rest. Exercise for improvement krovoobrashcheniya1. Get up directly. 2. Make very deep breath and delay breath.3. Bend a little forward, having taken in both hands the cane or the gymnastic stick for the ends. 4. Gradually squeeze the stick stronger and stronger. 5. Slowly become straight, exhaling air, reduce force of compression of the stick.6. Repeat exercise several times. 7. Execute "cleaning breath". This exercise at regular performance acts as treatment hypo - and hypertensions, blood circulation improves and tones up the organism. It can be carried out with the imagined stick - imagining it and putting force in the imagined compression.

For the first time the yoga is mentioned in Threshing barns Veda, the Indo-Iranian monument of the Indian literature to which according to approximate data from three to nearly four thousand years.

Yoga - really unique phenomenon. Even its respiratory component strongly influences the body and changes it. If to breath to add regular performance at least of the simplest asanas, the effect can turn out phenomenal.

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