Sets of exercises for weight loss in gym: programs of trainings

Sets of exercises for weight loss in gym: programs of trainings

In the modern world most of people tries to look good and have the slender tightened body therefore regularly visits gym. In order that occupations in gym were the most effective, the beginner has to understand all subtleties of trainings. Therefore, today we will consider what exercises are effective for weight loss when on what and as it is correct to do them for achievement of desirable effect.

Occupations in gym

The decision to go to gym undertakes most of people in hope to reduce excess weight and to bring a body into a form. Certainly, such occupations have a set of advantages, but also contraindications to a campaign in a trenazhyorka are also available. Not to do much harm to health and to spend time in the hall with advantage, it is necessary to consider important information in more detail.


In gym it is possible to distinguish from advantages of occupations:

  • maximum efficiency in creation of a strong, harmonious and relief body;
  • increase in a tone of muscles, improvement of a bearing, development of endurance, improvement of an extension and strengthening of a cardiovascular system;
  • disposal of a stress;
  • possibility of correction of loading, thanks to the help of the experienced trainer;
  • an opportunity to choose exercise machines and exercises, optimum for itself;
  • fast result, in comparison with home trainings;
  • an opportunity to make the individual program of a training by means of the expert;
  • respect for discipline in visit of occupations (the principle works: Paid — it is necessary to go which well stimulates).

Whether you know? The first exercise machines were invented by the Swedish physiotherapist Gustav Zander. They looked awful a little, but enjoyed wide popularity of rich people.

Possible harm and contraindications

In gym carry to contraindications of occupations:

  • existence of gemorroidalny inflammations of a rectum;
  • small term after surgical intervention (it is less than 1 year) — is the ban for occupations on exercise machines. Women at whom Cesarean section was carried out cannot be engaged on the equipment with burdening;
  • cardiovascular diseases — are the ban for use of strong weighting compounds when performing exercises;
  • pregnancy — the ban for occupations on exercise machines;
  • problems with the musculoskeletal device — it is impossible to apply weighting compounds in the course of the occupations;
  • varicose veins;
  • recently postponed infectious diseases (if the recovery period was not observed).

To consult with the doctor before registering in gym it is necessary if diagnosed for you:

  • diseases of kidneys;
  • heart troubles;
  • high arterial blood pressure;
  • pneumonia;
  • epilepsy.

It will be useful for you to esteem how it is correct to combine kardio and power trainings.

Harm from occupations in gym is possible only in case of the wrong performance of exercises, incorrectly made program of trainings which means the strong loadings contraindicated to beginners. Also from occupations it is possible to refer getting injured which sometimes happens by negligence or in connection with neglect rules of performance of exercises to harm. Health can do much harm if you have direct contraindications to visit of the gym, but despite all cautions, you continue to be engaged. Thus, it is possible not only to aggravate the course of the existing disease, but also to earn new problems with health from its background.

Basic rules

Among the basic rules there are visits of the hall or independent sports activities allocate the following items:

  1. The body needs regular trainings if you want to achieve good result. For visible effect 3 times a week are enough to be engaged. If occupations are planned daily, then it is necessary to alternate loading, combining power trainings with aerobics and an extension. At daily sports activities, it is necessary to allocate one day for rest and restoration of an organism.
  2. The ordinary training has to last no more than one hour.
  3. Before performance of exercises it is always necessary to do warm-up, and to finish a training with a hitch.
  4. At weight loss, it is obligatory after the power training, it is necessary to carry out aerobic loadings in the form of run, the bicycle, an ellipsoid, within 30 minutes.
  5. Throughout all training surely you use water, small drinks and no more than 2 glasses to normalize water balance.
  6. Problem zones do not study separately to achieve result, it is necessary to strain completely all muscles of a body by means of comprehensive programs, only thus it is possible to achieve effective combustion of fats.
  7. Thanks to a possibility of adaptation of an organism to loadings, after a while they can become less effective therefore it is recommended to alternate programs of a training, to change exercises and to increase the number of approaches.
  8. It is necessary to train with desire and enthusiasm if to do everything somehow, then do not wait for result.
  9. It is necessary to go to the hall only behind a qualitative training therefore it is better to employ the trainer who will control all process.
  10. Surely between exercises take a break, but no more than 1 minute.
  11. The number of approaches is also important, as well as the number of repetitions — you should not forget it.

We recommend to esteem how it is correct to begin to be engaged to the beginner in gym.

Principles of food

To achieve the desirable result from trainings when dumping weight, it is necessary to pass to healthy nutrition and to follow the basic rules of the consumption of food.

It is impossible to exhaust itself with diets as food is the main source of energy therefore if to use it insufficiently, your forces will not play sports. Besides strict diets health can do much harm strongly. For some time prior to the training it is possible to eat food rich with carbohydrates and proteins, absolutely excepting fats. It is connected with the fact that carbohydrates allow to provide a brain and a muscular system with energy which is actively spent during a training. Thanks to proteins, in an organism there is enough amino acids — irreplaceable substances in muscle work that influences growth of synthesis of protein, and muscle tissue grows more actively.

Excess fat considerably slows down process of digestion of food that involves weight in a stomach, nausea, gripes and are reduced by effect of sports activities. The number of the calories consumed before a training has to be equal to standard practice of food.

Read in more detail how to do kardio houses.

Carry to products which can be used before trainings:

  • buckwheat or porridge;
  • light fruit or vegetable salads;
  • low-calorie small loafs;
  • low-fat soups;
  • kefir or low-fat yogurt without additives;
  • cottage cheese;
  • steam omelet;
  • fresh juice.

Liquid food and also vegetables are recommended to use not later, than in 2 hours prior to a campaign on a training that food completely was digested. Porridges and cottage cheese can be eaten in 30 minutes prior to performance of exercises. If your plans are accumulation of muscle bulk, then for half an hour before performance of exercises it is possible to use one fruit or a small handful of berries, it is also recommended to drink drink with the high content of protein, at the rate of 0.22 g of protein on 1 kg of weight.

Coffee or tea without sugar in 30 minutes before a training allow to mobilize fat and to burn it first of all.

Before a training it is impossible to use:

  • potatoes dishes;
  • meat;
  • farinaceous food;
  • fat;
  • desserts;
  • sugar;
  • sparkling water;
  • sweet compotes and fruit drinks.

Whether you know? The deficiency of calcium in an organism affects appetite. People who receive enough calcium are less inclined to overeating therefore to lose weight, it is recommended to normalize amount of calcium in an organism.

In order that it was simpler to you to be guided in features of healthy nutrition, we recommend to get acquainted with an approximate diet per day (several options).


1 option

2 option


Steam omelet with the frozen vegetables and low-fat cheese, fresh juice.

Porridge with berries and honey, tea without sugar.

2 breakfast

Milk banana cocktail, without sugar.

Banana, handful of almonds or walnuts.


Boiled veal with buckwheat cereal, 2 cucumbers.

Fish soup, the baked vegetable marrows with tomato and low-fat cheese.

Afternoon snack

Cottage cheese of 5%, with addition of fruit at will + honey.

Low-fat yogurt without additives and sugar, 1 small orange


Stewed fish, salad (a cucumber, tomato, greens, without oil).

The chicken breast baked with herbs, vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumber, fennel).

Types of exercises

There is a big set of exercises which divide into 2 views: power and kardio. Each look has the features and specifics of performance of exercises and also differs in exercise machines which use for a training therefore we will consider each look in more detail.


Power exercises are intended to strengthen a skeletal and muscular system and mean continuous increase in weight loading in process of a training. The main objective of performance of power exercises is to create tension in muscles with use of sports equipment or special exercise machines. Carry to the power equipment which often is present at ordinary gyms:

  • fitness station;
  • block frame;
  • Smith's car;
  • power simulator;
  • Scott's bench;
  • press bench;
  • horizontal bar;
  • bars;
  • stepper;
  • exercise machine twister.

Get acquainted with complexes of morning exercises: for men, for women, for children.


Cardioloadings are directed to implementation of movements by muscles due to the energy which is extracted under the influence of the glucose molecules which are oxidized oxygen. When performing cardioexercises, not only muscle tissue, but also a cardiovascular system trains that allows to raise indicators of endurance and working capacity. Exercises in the course of the cardiotraining have to be carried out dynamically and intensively, their duration is from 10 to 60 minutes. Carry to popular cardiovascular machines:

  • racetrack;
  • the exercise bike with a back;
  • elliptic cardiovascular machine;
  • stepper;
  • stepmils;
  • path with the increased bias;
  • rowing exercise machine.

We advise to esteem about what to do if muscles after the training hurt.

Complex of the most effective exercises

That sports activities brought result, it is regularly necessary not only to be engaged, but also to pick up the most effective exercises.


Warm-up is necessary for a warming up of muscles, ligaments and sinews that allows to make them more elastic and to reduce risk of traumatizing. Let's consider several effective exercises:

  1. Inclinations aside — allow to stretch case muscles. For performance of exercise it is necessary to rise in a direct rack, to place legs on width of shoulders, to raise the left hand, right to place in an opposite direction. To carry out an inclination to the right, at the same time to pull the left hand in the inclined party. To repeat exercise, with an inclination in the opposite direction.
  2. Side attacks — are necessary for an extension of muscles of legs. For performance of exercise it is necessary to place legs most widely, without bending in knees. Slowly falling, it is necessary to take away the case to the right side and in parallel to bend the right knee, the left leg will stretch thus. The foot of the left leg has to be perpendicular to a floor. In such state to remain 10 seconds, then to do the same actions with other leg.

Learn whether it is possible to be pumped up in house conditions.

For a stomach and sides

To gain effect of a sports training and to remove superfluous from sides and a stomach, it is recommended to pay attention to the following exercises:

  1. Raising of legs in hanging. Being in a starting position, having clasped with palms a crossbeam, to hang on a horizontal bar. Legs should not touch a floor, hands have to be recorded in a motionless state. Exhaling, it is necessary to raise legs and to tighten up a basin forward, keep a 90-degree corner between the case and hips. Come back to a starting position. It is necessary to carry out 10 repetitions in 2–3 approaches.
  2. Twisting on the block exercise machine. It is necessary to take place so that the person was opposite to the top equipment package and to clasp with hands the rope handle, palms each other. Depart back, taking couple of steps, and kneel. Knees are far from a rack — approximately on 1 m. In knees keep a corner nearly 90 °. Further make an inclination forward, having caved in in a waist, keep parallelism of a torso to a floor. Tighten hands for the head, keeping a right angle in elbows. In press tension, bend a torso from top to bottom, as much as possible bending and pressing elbows to knees. When performing exercise round a back in the course of tightening of a press. Having fallen most low, be late a little and strain a press. Make 10 repetitions in 2 approaches.

Important! For study of oblique muscles it is possible to pull a cable not from top to bottom, and on diagonal, inclining the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa.

For hands

The following exercises will be suitable for a training of hands:

  1. Extension on the block direct hold. When performing exercise, it is necessary to establish hands on the handle so that they accommodated more closely to each other, than width of shoulders. A direct back, legs are a little bent in knees. Inclinations forward, with the hands which are densely pressed to the case are made. Make a breath, then exhaled, with full straightening of hands be late a little — it is necessary for peak reduction of muscles. Return to a starting position. Make 10 repetitions in 3 approaches. Such exercise will be the most effective if to execute it at the end of occupation.
  2. Raising of a bar on a biceps. Become exactly, legs at shoulder length. Arrange a foot in parallel each other, having a little put forward socks outside. Fix by hands a bar palms up. On a deep breath, with a breath delay, bend hands in elbows, make a pull of a bar to breast level. In such situation be recorded for several seconds, make an exhalation and as much as possible strain bicepses. Then return to a starting position, but leave hands a little bent. To achieve desirable effect and not to be injured, it is forbidden to incline the case. Make 10 repetitions in 3 approaches.

We recommend to get acquainted with a set of exercises on a biceps with dumbbells.

For legs

To put legs and buttocks in order and to get rid of flabby lyashka, carry out such exercises:

  1. Leg extention in the exercise machine sitting. For performance of exercise it is necessary to take place conveniently on sitting so that the sacrum as much as possible nestled on a back, and knees repeated outlines of edge of sitting. The second roller is installed so that the shin rested against it. As much as possible nestling a back on a back, to get legs for rollers, to grasp with hands the handles located sideways under sitting, to raise socks up. On a breath to unbend legs, straining at the same time quadriceps and to keep in such state three seconds. Inhaling, it is necessary to make lowering of legs in a starting position, fixing them a little in a starting point that buttocks were constantly in tension. It is recommended to carry out 3 approaches on 10 times.
  2. Reduction of a hip in the crossover. Become so that a body was located sideways the exercise machine, record fastening on a leg, depart a little that the leg remained in the extended situation. When performing exercise it is necessary to hold a hand the equipment basis, for maintaining balance and concentration of attention on implementation of movements by the fixed leg. Make moves the leg recorded by a cable. Carry out movements back a direct leg when the leg is got for basic, maximum strain internal muscles of a hip. At a leg institution, make an exhalation, and at return to a starting position — a breath. Do the same with other leg. Make 10 repetitions in three approaches.

Learn, about general exercises on back muscles with dumbbells.

For a back

In order that the back was not only beautiful, but also healthy, it is recommended to train it therefore we will consider the best exercises:

  1. For performance of exercise it is necessary to adjust the exercise machine so that the basin densely adjoined to a pillow. The second pillow has to be located in the place of a bend of your case, a back part of legs has to rest against rollers. Hands need to be crossed behind the head or on a breast, to straighten the case that it formed a straight line. To carry out inclinations forward on an exhalation, returning to a starting position on a breath. Inclinations have to be the smoothest, without breakthroughs not to be traumatized. It is necessary to execute 10 repetitions in 3 approaches.
  2. Draft of a dumbbell one hand in an inclination. Get up near a horizontal bench, arrange on it one hand and a knee, having a little inclined the case, forming almost right angle. Take a dumbbell of necessary weight in other hand. When performing exercise it is necessary to hold a back the most direct, to try not to round a thorax and a backbone. When raising dumbbells up, make an exhalation, at the same time bring a dumbbell to a belt a little to raise load of wide muscles of a back. Record yourself in such situation for several seconds. Further, on a breath, smoothly return a dumbbell to a starting position. Do the same actions with other hand. Execute 10 repetitions in 3 approaches.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises with dumbbells for weight loss.


The hitch is necessary to smooth a little sharp transition from active occupations in gym to a condition of rest, thereby it is possible to lower load of heart which actively pumped over blood in the course of the training. The hitch promotes stabilization of pulse, arterial blood pressure and body temperature to normal indicators of a condition of rest.

In the period of a hitch the most effective will be:

  1. Run on a path, with gradual reduction of speed, smoothly turning into walking. It is necessary to be in process of run in direct situation with the straightened breast and shoulders, to keep a press in suspense. It is better to bend hands in elbows that they formed a right angle. Begin run at an average speed, gradually reducing, up to walking. It is necessary to run no more than 5 minutes.
  2. Exercises for an extension of muscles. Sit down on a floor, close feet before yourself, hands carry out an emphasis in knees. Slowly and most smoothly press palms the pulsing movements on knees, for a muscle strain of hips. Further replace situation. Bend the right leg in a knee, establish the left hand on a leg anklebone to form a counterbalance. Strongly rest the left leg against a floor, establish a heel of the left leg far from the right knee. The right hand has to clasp the left knee, then make the pulling movements to stretch a gluteus.

Video: exercises for an extension of muscles

Whether you know? The American scientists thought up office chair on which, without distracting from work, it is possible to play sports. Such chair has functionality of 16 exercise machines.

Program of trainings

The key to success in weight loss is the correctly made program of trainings. It should be taken into account that at men and women of the program will be absolutely different therefore it is necessary to approach their drawing up intelligently.

As it is correct to make

Irrespective of a type of trainings, all of them will stimulate an expense of calories and will lead to weight loss. Power loadings are the most effective, lead to active combustion of calories, but to carry out them very often at you it will not turn out as the organism simply will not sustain. Power exercises are very important, but they need to be alternated with kardio — long loadings on average speed. Kardio not so exhausts an organism therefore allows to be engaged more often, without having done much harm to health and having gradually lost weight to normal indicators.

The best option of trainings is 2 power and 2 kardio in a week, the cat

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