The data and cultivation of hands in the butterfly exercise machine"

The data and cultivation of hands in the butterfly exercise machine"

The butterfly exercise machine received this name not thanks to the form as it quite massive, and because of technology of performance of exercise: being engaged on it, the athlete waves a hand as a butterfly wings. The exercise machine is quite popular, especially among men; but as it does not enter the main complex of trainings, it can be found not in all gyms. Let's discuss features of training installation and technology of occupations on it.

What the exercise machine is

The butterfly exercise machine (butterfly stroke), or pitch-Dec is a block power plant. It is a seat with a direct soft back and two mobile levers for hands. There is a pitch-Dec with levers for outstretched arms, and is intended for the hands bent in elbows. Height of a bench is regulated on growth of the athlete, as well as width of an emphasis for hands that they settled down correctly.

The back can change situation too: vertical or inclined. Behind the equipment the cargo which is set in motion by force of hands is fixed. The weight of cargo it is possible at desire to increase. The maximum loading capacity of the exercise machine does not exceed 100 kg.

Advantage of this design is that loading goes only on pectoral and humeral muscles. At the same time the back does not strain that absolutely excludes spine injuries.

Whether you know? The very first exercise machines were invented in the 18th century for the medical purposes. And the first gym appeared in Sweden one hundred years later at the initiative of the doctor Wilhelm Zander.

The involved groups of muscles

Exercise "butterfly" belongs to one-articulate as at its execution only one joint – humeral is involved. Reducing and parting hands on the exercise machine, the athlete purposefully studies the main groups of muscles:

  • average and internal parts of a big pectoral muscle (at data);
  • back deltoid (humeral) muscle (at cultivation).

At "waves" pair of auxiliary muscles are involved:

  • deltoid lobbies;
  • gear lobbies.

As stabilizers the following muscles act:

  • small chest;
  • trapezes;
  • shoulder rotators;
  • the widest.

It is remarkable that the butterfly stroke does not build pectoral muscles, and forms already beefy muscles, giving them the correct form.

Whether you know? The first-ever bodybuilding championship was held in 1901. It was organized by the famous German circus athlete Evgeny Sandov.

Exercises in the butterfly exercise machine

The purpose of "butterfly" is "to stick together" beautiful proportions from muscle bulk. This exercise is not included into a complex of the main training – it finishes it. Only at such schedule the objective will be achieved. In butterfly stroke of a hand move naturally therefore technology of performance easy and all available. Work about pitch-dekom begins with selection of the correct weight. The load should not be too heavy, especially for the beginning bodybuilders. It is also necessary to establish seat height for the growth and a manual emphasis on suitable width. Now it is possible to start.

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Data of hands

There are two options of butterfly stroke on pitch sound board: for straight arms and for bent in elbows. "Butterfly" for straight arms:

  1. Setup of the exercise machine: to put such width of the successful fellow that shoulders and hands during data remained parallel to a floor.
  2. Starting position: to sit down on a bench, having established legs on width of shoulders or is wider, a foot to arrange directly under knees, a back closely to lean against a back. To grasp with palms handles, at the same time shoulders remain parallel to a floor, and elbows are a little bent.
  3. Performance: to make a breath, and exhaling, to move handles in the direction to each other. When they approach, to stiffen in tension for couple of seconds. Then on a breath slowly, without reducing tension, to part levers in the parties, but not up to the end.
  4. Number of repetitions: from 10 to 15 times.

Video: technology of performance of exercise "Butterfly" for straight arms

Butterfly stroke with the hands bent in elbows:

  1. Settings: to establish height of sitting and elbow pillows so that elbows fell into a comfortable position at the level of shoulders or is a little lower.
  2. Starting position: it is convenient to sit down, a back and the head to nestle on a back. Legs strongly stand on a floor, elbows conveniently are located on pillows of levers.
  3. Performance: on an exhalation to reduce levers together, to be late in an extreme point for 2 or 3 seconds. On a breath slowly to part them, keeping tension in pectoral muscles, but not till the end.
  4. Quantity of "waves": 10–15.

At data there is a registration of muscles of a breast as during butterfly stroke their internal and average parts strain.

Important! Returning hands in an initial position, it is impossible to get them for a back and to do it sharply and quickly. It is so possible to injure breast muscles.

Cultivation of hands (return butterfly)

"Flight of a butterfly" in the opposite direction is carried out on the same pitch sound board. Though movements similar, but at cultivation other group of muscles strains already: back deltas, or humeral. For the correct equipment it is necessary to adjust the exercise machine in a different way.

  1. Control pitch sound board: to fix levers in extreme situation behind a back, a seat to lift or lower that hands on handles kept a straight line with shoulders.
  2. Starting position: to sit down facing a back, to nestle on it a protruding breast, to put legs closely to special rollers support, internal hold to undertake handles; elbows are slightly bent, but are parallel to a floor.
  3. Performance: doing an exhalation, to begin to move handles back to the maximum to strain humeral muscles and to cramp them together. In this intense position to stiffen for 2 seconds. Then the slow movement to return exercise machine handles to initial situation.
  4. To repeat up to 15 times.

Video: technology of performance of exercise cultivation of hands (return butterfly)

Practical advice

Knowledge of some subtleties will help to gain the maximum effect:

  1. At the correct technology of data tension has to be felt in pectoral muscles, and at cultivation – in back deltoid. If other zones strain, exercise is carried out incorrectly.
  2. During the training the back stands up straight. For this purpose the body should not come off a back, and the head should not bend.
  3. It is important to monitor breath: on a breath to part "wings", and on an exhalation – to reduce.
  4. It is necessary to avoid sharp breakthroughs, all "waves" have to be smooth and slow.
  5. It is impossible to take too heavy load not to injure pectoral muscles.
  6. If one half of a breast (most often left) lags behind in the sizes another, then it is possible to level proportions, doing "butterfly" by one hand.

Important! It is necessary to watch that as much as possible elbows, but not handles of the exercise machine left back. Otherwise other muscles are involved, and there will be no desirable effect.

Exercise "butterfly" will not help to pump up muscles therefore it will not be useful as the main training. But as the finishing point of a complex of other exercises it is very effective. The male thorax will receive a proportional relief, and the female breast will become elastic and tightened.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team